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Flag of USASports betting has been around for centuries and while some people place wagers on sports events for pure entertainment, others regard these activities as a source of a stable income. When it comes to sports betting activities on the territory of the United States, there is not a definite answer as to whether they are legal or not. The legislative matters are quite complicated but there is a growing demand for legal sports betting options.

The good thing is that after the overturn of the PASPA law in 2018, many states started legalizing sports betting. Nowadays, more than half of the states have legalized sports betting in one form or another. Meanwhile, there are also many states that are currently working towards the regulation of the market, striving to allow their residents to legally bet on numerous sports as soon as possible.

The future of the US betting sector is bright, with more states welcoming sports betting on their territories. Some predictions estimate that the US sports betting market will soon become the largest one in the entire world.

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Historical Overview

Historical OverviewHorse racing has gained popularity during the 19th and 20th century. Baseball has also become a pretty popular sport and according to contemporary bookies, the World Series are considered the “holy grail” of baseball betting. Nowadays, sports betting is widespread among all social classes. The late 1960s saw the further development of the sports betting industry as televised sports were introduced to the US residents. Their presence put the beginning of the sports betting revival and captured the attention of all avid sports fans.

The year 1974 was marked by the elimination of the 10% tax on sports wagers and as a result, several brick and mortar casinos opened sportsbooks with the aim avoiding revenue decline and preventing bettors from seeking sports betting options elsewhere.During the 1900s sports betting industry has been taken to new heights as bettors were enabled to place bets over the Internet. As a result, more and more bookies set up shops in countries such as Costa Rica and Antigua and players got the opportunity to place bets from the comfort of their homes.Bookies also added new functionalities and convenient payment methods that attracted even more bettors.
The US sports betting market was given the chance to become a multi-billion industry but things have changed when sports betting activities were prohibited. However, online sports betting has already made its mark and it was clear that it is here to stay regardless of all bans.

Regulatory Body

Regulatory Body Sports betting in the US is regulated on a state basis, meaning each state has the right to legalize such activities on its territory. Since every state has its own legislation that determines the legal status of sports betting, there are different regulatory bodies that are responsible for the regulation of the industry in the US.

Currently, not all states that have legalized sports betting allow both land-based and online wagering. That said, sportsbook operators are allowed to apply for licenses from the authorities of the states that permit mobile sports betting. Since operators must obtain licenses for every state where they wish to offer their services, it is common for certain brands to be available only to the residents of a few states. What is more, some states issue a specific number of operational permits and not all companies on the US market will have the opportunity to operate in every state that has legalized online sports betting.

Almost every state has a requirement for a brick-and-mortar gambling facility to be established in the state before the operator is allowed to offer online betting, also known as “skins”. The only state that is an exception to this rule is Tennessee, which has established an online-only sports betting model within its territory.

In every state, except for Tennessee, the first step towards offering online sports betting is for a brick-and-mortar casino to obtain a license from its respective jurisdiction. Once the casino has obtained a permission to operate in its physical location, it applies for a master license that will allow it to offer online sports betting to residents located in the respective state. Once a casino has obtained a master license it can choose to operate an online sportsbook on its own or work with a third party that can operate the betting website.

Take for example the state of Colorado where casinos are being regulated by the Colorado Division of Gaming and the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission. These are the authorities that oversee the operators offering sports wagering services in the state of Colorado, issue licenses and make sure that license holders are conducting fair and safe sports betting. Following a similar model of regulation, other states also have their own regulatory bodies.

Relevant Legislative Framework

The Wire Act of 1961

The Wire Act of 1961Although it was passed more than 50 years ago, the Interstate Wire Act still has a great influence over the legislative matters in the United States. Its main objective was declaring the transmission of bets and gambling-related information a crime. Basically, the Interstate Wire Act aimed at making even the point spreads discussions over the phone illegal. Back in the 1960s, there was no Internet, so the only other option is placing a bet via phone.People with knowledge on the matter claim that the primary purpose of the Wire Act was not to question the legal and moral aspects of gambling activities. It was pretty much a tool that helped Robert Kennedy become known as the attorney who effectively fought the organized crime.

However, the modern reading of the Wire Act is considered a bit confusing for lawmakers. After all, it did not specify which wagers are legal and which are not. The lawmakers were also confused as to how they can apply the Wire Act to online betting.The Wire Act was further clarified in 2011 and stated that “interstate transmissions of wire communications that do not relate to a ‘sporting event or contest’ fall outside the reach of the Wire Act.” Some claim that the Act is applicable only to owners and site operators. The Department of Justice also announced that the Wire Act is not applicable to online poker rooms.

Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act of 2006

Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act of 2006
The Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act of 2006, also known as UIGEA, was imposed with the aim of preventing USA bank institutions from processing deposits and withdrawals to online gambling sites. However, it never stated that placing sports bets online was illegal. Anyway, the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act made it quite difficult for USA citizens to deposit and withdraw funds to and from gambling websites. As a result, many bettors opted for depositing funds via prepaid cards that had no connection to any American bank institution.

The UIGEA was probably the piece of legislation that had the greatest impact on the sports betting activities in the US. It formed a part of the omnibus national defence bill. That was necessary because legislators were unable to pass the bill on its own, so they “attached” it to the SAFE Ports Act. UIGEA was yet another attempt of the conservative members of the American government to criminalize online betting.

Basically, the UIGEA made it illegal to send and receive money for betting purposes. Only a few markets were excluded from the rule and according to many people, UIGEA made it illegal for Americans to take part in any form of gambling activities. Well, that’s partially true as it just makes it more difficult to process your deposits and withdrawals., not to mention that the Act had some serious loopholes.

Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA)

PASPAThe Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was enacted in the early 1990’s and according to it, only certain states were allowed to provide sports betting activities to punters based within the state borders. Some states asked for permission to provide sports betting but at the end, there were only four states given the green light to providing online sports betting activities. These were Oregon, Montana, Delaware and Nevada.

Nevada has always been regarded as the gambling Mecca of the United States, so it is not surprising that it offers sports wagering as well. As for Montana and Oregon, their sports betting rules and regulations are still unclear. Delaware punters are enabled to wager on NFL, but Montana and Oregon do not have any sports betting legislation framework despite the fact that PASPA allows them to expand the market.

New Jersey has also eyed the opportunity for providing sports betting and legalizing online sports betting sites. PASPA is probably the least known regulation that is regarded by many as an unnecessary law. PASPA is commonly known as the “Bradley Act”. Senator Bill Bradley used to be a basketball player concerned about the negative effect gambling has on sports. The Bradley Act was intended to declare the sports betting illegal. The bill was passed after a thorough investigation of the sports betting industry. Section 3702 PASPA clearly states that no bets on amateur or professional football events are allowed. In point of fact, lawmakers referred to PASPA in an attempt to prevent the legalization of sports betting in Atlantic City.

On 14 May 2018, however, the Supreme Court judges determined that the entire PASPA law was unconstitutional and it was overturned. This marked a new era for the sports betting industry in the US, with several states introducing land-based and online betting after the PASPA repeal.

State Sports Betting Laws

State Sports Betting LawsEach US state has its own laws tailored in accordance with its needs. While federal laws apply to all states, the state laws are applicable only on the territory of that particular state.

Right after the World War II, the United States had its first modern gambling laws. In point of fact, apart from Nevada, the only other state that offered regulated gambling activities back in the 20th century was Maryland. The first legal slot machines in the state were available as early as 1949. The budget crisis from the 1970s had a negative effect on every state in the union and as a result, state authorities opted for expanding the gambling market.

In a nutshell, certain state laws declare online gambling illegal but bettors have come with a witty solution to the issue. They are well-aware of the fact that state laws are not applicable when it comes to off-shore sportsbooks.

Several states imposed bans on online sports betting and punters who place wagers in spite of the prohibition face serious sanctions. Back in 1992, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act came into force and it prohibited all types of sports wagering. However, it is applicable only to states where sports betting activities have never been available. In other words, the Act is not valid in states where sports betting has previously been legal.

After the overturn of the PASPA law, however, each state was allowed to decide whether to legalize sports betting within its territory. Just a couple of years after the Supreme Court’s decision to revoke the law, more than 20 states are currently offering land-based, online, or both forms of sports betting.


RestrictionsMany people ask whether sports betting is legal on the territory of the USA and unfortunately, they never get a proper explanation. Technically, sports betting is legal in some states and some forms only. Speaking of the online sports betting in particular, there is no federal ban than prohibits it but the enacted laws impose restrictions to the deposit and withdrawal methods bettors use.

The legal sports betting age depends on the state you are based at. Each state has different requirements about the minimum gambling age but in most cases, it is either 18 or 21. However, you have to know that the offshore operators have their own restrictions when it comes to the legal gambling age.

Even though many states have already taken the step towards offering online sports betting, there are also some geolocation restrictions that US punters should keep in mind. Under the Federal Wire Act, it is prohibited to place wagers across states. This requires sportsbook operators to utilize data servers in every state where they operate. This is done so they can exclusively handle the stakes which are placed in every state where they offer their services.

Another restriction related to the location of punters requires US bettors to place wagers with their preferred bookies only when they are physically present at the state where the website is permitted to operate.

Popular Odds Formats

Odds Formats As more states have legalized sports betting, the number of online sportsbooks operating in the US market continues to expand. To cater to the specific requirements of US bettors, these companies tend to offer special offers, competitive odds, and fun betting markets. When choosing the odds to bet on, punters need to quickly evaluate what the potential return will be for their wagers. This is why it is important to utilize an odds format that will allow you to easily calculate the possible profit.

The American format is the most preferred one by US bettors, with every licensed US sportsbook providing the odds in this style. That said, many sports betting sites that cater to bettors from the US also support several other formats that many find easy to utilize for their profit evaluations.

American Odds

American Odds It comes as no surprise that most bookies that welcome US punters mainly present their odds in an American-style of view. The easiest way to understand American odds is to consider their value either as the profit you will need to wager to win $100, or as the potential return you will enjoy for a $100 stake.

American odds are expressed either as a positive or a negative number. If you for example have a match between team A and team B, the odds for the favorite may look something like -120, while the underdog may have odds similar to +110. This means that if you place a bet on the favored team, you will need to wager $120 to potentially win $100. Meanwhile, the odds on the underdog express that a $100 stake will bring you a potential profit of $110.

Of course, punters are not necessarily required to bet $100 to be able to calculate their potential profit. What is more, most of the sportsbooks have bet calculators that allow bettors to easily evaluate the potential profit they can enjoy as a result of their wager.

Decimal Odds

Decimal Odds While the American style is the default odds format at a large number of US sportsbooks, there are many betting sites that will also allow you to use a decimal view. This is a format that is extremely popular among numerous bettors, with many considering decimal odds the easiest to understand.

The decimal odds are typically represented similar to 2.6, 1.5, or any similar value. The easiest way to explain how decimal odds work is to take for example a match between two teams, with team A having odds of 2.5. This value represents the profit one would enjoy for every $1 that is staked. If you decide to place a $10 wager on team A, a win for the side you have chosen will bring you a profit of $25, plus your original stake of $10.

Fractional Odds

Fractional Odds It is possible for US bettors to also come across sportsbooks that allow them to view odds in fractions. If you opt for this odds format, you may see odds of 7/10, 11/10, or anything similar to that style. These odds represent the ratio of the potential profit one could enjoy for a certain amount of wager.

Let us assume that team A from the aforementioned example has odds of 6/1. In this case, if you decide to place your money on that team, a win will bring you $6 for every $1 that you have wagered on your favorites.

popular sports to bet onLike any other nation, people in the US also have their favorite sports they enjoy at home, with friends, or with millions of other sports enthusiasts. When it comes to wagering, it is only natural that US bettors decide to bet on their favorite sports, supporting the teams and players they know and enjoy. Knowing their patrons, the majority of sportsbooks that cater to US punters have made sure they offer competitive odds on several popular sports that most betting aficionados would enjoy.

American Football

American football Expectedly, American football is the most popular sport in the United States. As much as 35% of all sports fans have stated that their favourite sport is namely American football. There are 32 professional teams included in the National Football League (NFL). Each of the 32 teams faces 16 opponents and the games take place in the period September – December. At the end of January, the best two teams play against each other at the Superbowl. If you are planning to watch the game between the best two teams, you have to get tickets in advance. Technically, tickets for the event are sold out before the start of the season.


Basball Baseball is also a popular sport in the USA and it requires intense concentration and polished skills. As many as 30 Major League baseball teams are included in the National and American leagues. The competitions take place at the beginning of the spring and conclude late fall. The best team from the National League and the best team from the American league compete against each other in late fall in order to determine the National Champion.

Baseball is the second most popular game among US sports fans. There are a lot of minor league baseball teams and each of them is affiliated with one of the Major League teams. Basketball deserves to be included in the list of most popular sports among US players as well. The National Basketball Association consists of 29 teams that compete against each other between October and May. The winner is announced in June. There is a total of ten Women’s National Basketball Association teams throughout the US as well.


Hockey Hockey is also widespread but its popularity seems limited to certain cities in the USA only. The National Hockey League consists of 30 teams that compete against each other between October and April. The best two teams take part in the Stanley Cup championship. Previously popular among the rural population in southeastern USA, stock car racing is now quite an attractive sport to wager on. As many as 35 NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) races take place between February and August.


SoccerThere is hardly any nation that does not enjoy soccer and US bettors are no exception to that. The Major League Soccer (MLS) is definitely closely followed by fans of the sport and it is often a league sought after by US punters who bet online. While soccer is not as popular in the US as the sports mentioned above, it still enjoys quite the attention thanks to many international soccer stars. What is more, the US National Women’s teams and their amazing achievements in the past few years have also increased the popularity of soccer in the US.

Popular Sports to Bet On Summary
Sport Pre-match/In-play Leagues
American Football yes/yes NFL, XFL
Baseball yes/yes MLB
Hockey yes/yes NHL
Soccer yes/yes MLS

Popular Banking Methods

Banking Methods When it comes to funding their sports betting accounts, US punters will often have several convenient payment options to choose from. In most cases, bettors will be enabled to use the same payment solution for both their deposits and withdrawals. This makes funding one’s betting experience extremely easy and convenient.

No matter which deposit option is your preferred one, you will most likely be able to top up your account instantly. As for withdrawals, it is possible to have to wait a bit longer but that is mainly due to the processing time it takes for the sportsbook to approve withdrawal requests. Deposit and withdrawal limits are specific for every betting site but the minimums tend to range between $10 and $20. While deposits are typically free of charge, some sportsbooks may impose a fee on withdrawals.

Credit and Debit Cards

Debit CardsIt is very common for punters to deposit into their betting accounts via credit or debit cards. While many sports betting brands accept payments via cards by Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, it is possible that American Express users may not be able to use their cards for their sportsbook transactions. Cards allow instant deposits that typically do not incur any surcharges.


E-wallets While cards are easy to use and are widely used, some punters may not feel comfortable exposing their card details when betting online. This is why resorting to depositing and withdrawing via an e-wallet is a great alternative that many sportsbooks accept. Bettors can instantly deposit into their betting accounts via e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller, or PayPal. The best part is that they will not be required to expose any type of sensitive information while initiating payments. Withdrawals via e-wallets are often very fast and can even enable same-day cashouts.

Cash at a Retail Location

Cash at a Retail Location Often, US punters will be able to deposit into their betting accounts using real cash at various retail locations. If you select this option at the online sportsbook, you will be given a unique one-time barcode that you can use at any retail shop affiliated with the betting brand. As soon as you make your deposit, the money will be available in your betting account instantly.

Play+ Prepaid Cards

Play+ Prepaid Cards Often punters will have the option to deposit into their accounts using Play+ prepaid cards. This is a service offered by quite a few US sportsbooks, and it requires punters to open a Play+ account and load some money before they can use it for their sportsbook payments. Play+ can also be used for withdrawals which are processed instantly, transferring one’s winnings to their Play+ account in no time.


E-checksSome sportsbooks also allow punters to utilize e-checks for their payments, allowing them to instantly deposit into their betting account. The method can also be used for withdrawals, with bettors usually being able to enjoy their winnings within3 to 5 business days.

Online Banking

Online BankingMany betting sites will also allow their US members to opt for deposits and withdrawals via online banking. This is an
extremely secure way for punters to handle their sportsbook transactions, with deposits being processed instantly and withdrawals taking between 3 and 5 business days.

Wire Transfer

Wire TransfeMany sports betting sites that cater to US punters will also allow them to handle their sportsbook transactions via wire transfers. This is yet another convenient and secure method to handle your deposits and withdrawals. The one downfall of the solution, however, is that it can often take longer to process transactions.

Popular Banking Methods Summary
Payment Method Fees Deposit Limits Deposit Times Withdrawal Limits Pending withdrawal time Withdrawal Times
Visa Free Min $20/Max $25,000 Instant N/A N/A N/A
Mastercard Free Min $20/Max $25,000 Instant N/A N/A N/A
Amex Free Min $20/Max $25,000 Instant N/A N/A N/A
Skrill Free Min $10/Max $1,500 Instant Min $10/Max $60,000 Up to 72 hours Up to 2 days
Neteller Free Min $10/Max $1,500 Instant Min $10/Max $60,000 Up to 72 hours Up to 2 days
PayPal Free Min $10/Max $1,500 Instant Min $10/Max $60,000 Up to 72 hours Up to 2 days
Cash at physical gambling location Free Min $10/Max $500 Instant Min $10/Max $10,000 Up to 72 hours Instant
Play+ Prepaid Card Free Min $10/Max $25,000 Instant Min $10/Max $25,000 Up to 72 hours Instant
E-check Free Min $20/Max $50,000 Instant Min $20/Max $5,000 Up to 72 hours 3-5 days
Online Banking Free Min $20/Max $50,000 Instant Min $20/Max $5,000 Up to 72 hours 3-5 days
Wire Transfer Free Min $100/Max $10,000 5-7 days Min $500/No max Up to 72 hours 5-7 days

Mobile Betting

Mobile Betting One of the main advantages of legalizing online sports betting in the US is the opportunity to also enable mobile betting on the go. The majority of sportsbooks that cater to the needs of US punters provide dedicated mobile apps that can be installed on both Android and iOS devices. In most cases, the apps can be downloaded from the official website of a bookie, with Apple users also having the chance to get the native apps from Apple’s app store.

If you wish to bet via your handheld device, you can also opt for a browser-based version of the bookie. As every sportsbook strives to offer a superb betting experience to its members, the majority of betting sites have fully optimized their sportsbooks to run on almost any mobile device. As long as US punters have a stable Internet connection, they will be able to load their preferred bookie on their smart device.

One thing that should be mentioned about the sportsbook apps in the US is that they have integrated a geolocation feature. This is done so punters can place bets only whenever they are physically located in the specific state where the operator is licensed to offer its sports betting services.

As some states have currently legalized only land-based betting, mobile sports wagering may not be widely available in every state in the US. That said, some states, like Mississippi for example, have introduced mobile betting in specific on-site gambling locations. Recently, the state of Mississippi launched a native BetMGM app that can be used for mobile betting which, however, will be available only while punters are physically present at Gold Strike Casino Resort.

While mobile betting may not be available everywhere, it is definitely present in many states where online sports betting has been legalized. This allows bettors to place bets on their favorite sporting events with just a few taps on the screen. Many find this option extremely convenient which is why every sportsbook makes sure to offer native apps that offer a smooth betting experience to US punters.

Key Aspects of a Worthy Betting Site

Aspects of Worthy Betting Site Whenever US punters are looking for a sportsbook to place wagers online, they should always check several things to make sure they have made the right choice. As many states have legalized online sports betting, numerous bettors have the chance to choose from a variety of websites where they can place bets. Knowing how to choose the right sportsbook, however, will help US bettors to pick an option that will allow legal, safe, and rewarding betting.

Licensed Sportsbooks

Licensed SportsbooksAs the legal status of sports betting in the US is constantly changing, it can be a bit confusing for punters to know where they can make sports wagers and where it will be considered illegal. Before you proceed with choosing a betting website, you are advised to check whether the state where you reside has legalized such activities.

Even if you come across a licensed sportsbook, you must make sure it has been authorized to offer sports betting by the respective authorities in your state. To make things easier, bookies licensed to operate in the US typically list the states where they have been authorized to provide sports betting. Some sportsbooks also provide a list of states where they expect to launch in the near future.

Convenient Payment Options

Convenient Payment Options Once you have come across a licensed sportsbook, you might want to check the payment solutions that will be available to you. Bettors should be able to easily top up their accounts and enjoy their winnings in a fast and secure way. Most US-friendly bookies support credit/debit cards, prepaid cards, e-wallets, online banking, and several other solutions that allow hassle-free payments.

The deposit and withdrawal limits are also important, so make sure that you will be able to afford to fund your account if you are simply betting small amounts for fun. As some sportsbooks may impose high fees on withdrawals, it is also worth it looking for a sportsbook where there are no surcharges or they are more acceptable.

Sports Coverage and Betting Markets

Sports Coverage and Betting MarketsAnother important aspect that can make or break your betting experience is the sports coverage offered by the sportsbook. Having the chance to bet on major sporting events like American football, baseball, hockey, and soccer is definitely an advantage to be on the lookout for. In addition to various sports, it is also a great option to be able to choose from different betting markets. Of course, the value of odds is also important and one should always compare odds to make sure they are betting for the best possible return.

Sportsbook Promotions

Sportsbook PromotionsTo make their betting experience more rewarding, bettors should also check the different types of sportsbook incentives they can redeem. Make sure that the betting site you are about to join has clearly stated the terms and conditions of every offer before you redeem it. As some bookies tend to offer bonuses with wagering requirements that are almost impossible to meet, one should avoid such deals. If you are about to claim a deposit bonus, make sure that the payment solution you are about to utilize is not excluded from the sportsbook’s promotions as some methods tend not to count towards bonuses.

Popular Bookies

Popular Bookies With more than 20 states having legalized sports betting, nowadays, punters have the opportunity to bet at a lot more trustworthy sportsbooks. With licenses issued from the respective authorities in every state, bountiful promotions, and great sports coverage, the sportsbooks we have listed below are great options for US punters.


Bovada Bovada is probably the most popular bookmaker that welcomes US-based bettors. Its interface is user-friendly and the availability of betting options such as parlays and teasers is highly appreciated by punters. As for the odds, there is definitely room for improvement although the current odds are satisfactory as well.

Bovada is also known for offering tempting lines on underdogs especially when it comes to NFL events. As for the racebook, it provides players with the chance to bet on events taking place all over the US. On the downside, the number of international racing events is a bit limited.

The sportsbook provides bettors with various betting options including point spread, over/ under, moneyline, prop odds as well as different statistics and trends.
The live platform enables you to wager on baseball, football, basketball. The odds are quite dynamic and depend on the game plan.

Bovada users are enabled to bet on NBA Basketball, College football, NFL, NHL, English Premier league soccer, etc. Needless to say, Bovada offers an extensive range of casino games as well. Bovada is also known as a bookmaker that ensures fast and secure payouts although some players believe the number of available payment processors is a bit limited.

  • Pros

  • Great coverage of sports popular in the US
  • Offers good promotions for newcomers and regular members
  • Supports American, decimal, and fractional odds
  • Trustworthy sportsbook for US punters
  • Fast payouts
  • Cons

  • Does not offer live betting
  • Less coverage on international sporting events
  • Does not hold a license from any jurisdiction in the US


BetOnline BetOnline has been available on the US market for quite some time and it became popular as the bookmaker that offers excellent service and great lines. BetOnline has been granted a license by the Panama gambling officials and as a result, it is legally allowed to provide casino games, poker and sports betting options in the US. Once you create your account and place several bets, you will see that BetOnline values its regular customers.

The bookie is focused primarily on football, basketball, hockey and baseball. College football, snooker and rugby are the other sports betting options. BetOnline users have access to detailed information about the performance of the teams/ players, so they can easily make an informed decision and place the right wager. BetOnline also features a racebook covering a large spectrum of horse racing events that take place throughout the US.

As BetOnline is known as one of the bookmakers with the highest credit card acceptance, punters will have no issue funding their betting accounts and enjoy their winnings in no time. Bettors will also have the chance to elevate their experience by redeeming a variety of generous bonuses that are suitable for both newcomers and regular punters.

  • Pros

  • Sportsbook with extensive experience
  • Offers competitive odds on various sports
  • Card payments are widely acceptable
  • Offers live betting
  • Accepts punters from all states
  • Cons

  • Does not hold a license from any regulators in the US
  • Supports only American odds format
  • Withdrawals may incur high fees


Caesars Being one of the most prominent casino brands in the US, Caesars is now also offering online and mobile betting to numerous US punters. To cater to the preferences of different bettors, Caesars Sportsbook offers odds on a myriad of sporting events, with betting markets allowing punters to place wagers on options like moneyline, totals, props, and many more.

Currently, Caesars Sportsbook holds licenses for operation in several states which include Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, District of Columbia, Indiana, Iowa, West Virginia, New Jersey, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia. In addition to that, it plans to launch in more regions once other states legalize sports betting.

Punters can choose to view the odds in an American, decimal, or fractional style. Navigation through the website is extremely easy and there is even a native mobile app that allows just as smooth of a betting experience on the go. Those who wish to make their stakes worth a while, can also redeem some of Caesars Sportsbook’s offers and make their betting more exciting and rewarding.

  • Pros

  • Some bets offer Cash Out
  • Punters can make in-play bets
  • Customer support is available 24/7
  • Dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android users
  • Great promotional incentives
  • Cons

  • Only a limited number of sports offer in-play betting
  • Live streaming not available to those who have not placed any bets in the last 24 hours


Coral When we are talking about a sportsbook that caters to US bettors, we could not miss mentioning FanDuel. The brand is well-known among sports fans and it provides pre-match and in-play odds on sports that are extremely popular among US punters. The sportsbook has been licensed to offer sports betting to residents of Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Members of FanDuel will constantly have promotional offers to choose from and make their betting time more lucrative and thrilling. Some bets will also allow bettors to make use of a Cash Out feature that enables punters to get a portion of their profit before the bet is fully settled.

In addition to offering in-play betting, FanDuel will also allow its members to stream some of the games and place their wagers as they enjoy the competition in real-time. Thanks to the user-friendly design of the bookie, all of these features are easily accessible and those who wish to bet on the go will even have a native app to do so.

  • Pros

  • Trustworthy and licensed brand
  • Offers pre-match and in-play odds on various sports
  • Supports live streaming
  • Offers a native mobile app
  • Great promotions for sports betting fans
  • Cons

  • Live streaming is available only to certain punters
  • Accounts of high-rollers might have their accounts temporarily on hold


DraftKings DraftKings is yet another popular and wonderful destination for US betting enthusiasts. Licensed to operate in quite a few states, the sportsbook offers great odds on a variety of sports. Betting markets include moneyline, spread, totals, and other options that allow sports fans to enjoy a different type of wagering experience.

Currently, the bookie is authorized to operate in Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Tennessee, Michigan, and Virginia. With more states legalizing sports betting, however, DraftKings is expected to further expand its reach on the US market.

The bookmaker is fully optimized to run smoothly on mobile devices and there is also the option to download and install a dedicated DraftKings app. Whichever option you prefer, you will be able to make easy bets on the go and enjoy your time at DraftKings at any time and place. In addition to enjoying hassle-free wagering, you will also have no issue funding your betting account. DraftKings support a variety of payment options that enable fast, secure, and easy transactions.

  • Pros

  • Offers competitive odds on various sports
  • Has a dedicated sportsbook app
  • User-friendly design, allowing easy navigation
  • Licensed to operate in numerous states
  • Supports a variety of payment solutions
  • Cons

  • Could expand its sportsbook promotional offerings
  • Wagering requirements can sometimes be tough to meet
  • No phone support available


PointsBet If you are a US bettor, you can also find great betting options at PointsBet. The sportsbook is offering a unique betting style known as PointsBetting, providing very generous payouts to those who are willing to make riskier choices. PointsBetting is available only on this bookie’s website and it is offered only on certain fixed-odds markets.

In addition to PointsBetting, the sportsbook also offers regular sports betting options, providing odds on a wide range of sports. The different betting markets enable punters to make more intriguing bets and enjoy a riveting betting experience.

Even if you are on the go, you will be able to continue your betting journey thanks to the native sportsbook app of PointsBet. It can run smoothly on both iOS and Android devices, enabling those on the move to easily place their preferred wagers.

PointsBet accepts several payment solutions that will enable punters to quickly top up their accounts and handle their real-money bets with ease. Unfortunately, the options for withdrawals are not that many but bettors still have a few methods to choose from when they wish to enjoy their sports betting winnings.

  • Pros

  • Offers the unique PointsBetting type of wagering
  • Covers many sports that US bettors enjoy
  • Has a dedicated iOS and Android app
  • Offers live streaming on some sporting events
  • Offers in-play betting on various sports
  • Cons

  • PointsBetting is extremely risky
  • Does not support that many payment options for withdrawals


Betway Popular among European bettors, Betway is also one of the great sportsbooks that US punters could trust. The bookie has made sure to cover all of the sports that are popular among US sports fans, giving them the opportunity to choose from a variety of betting markets. Currently, the betting website has been licensed to offer sports bets to residents of Colorado, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Iowa.

The bookmaker has a slick design, enabling easy navigation through the different betlines. What is more, a fully-compatible mobile version of Betway can run on almost any smart device. In addition to that, some punters will be able to install a dedicated Betway sportsbook app that will allow punters to quickly place their wagers, using just a few taps on the screen.

Betway users will have the chance to enjoy Cash Out on some of their wagers, allowing them to withdraw a certain amount of their payout even before the bet is fully settled. Handling one’s wagers is also a piece of cake, with bettors being able to view odds in an American, fractional, or decimal format.

  • Pros

  • Huge sports coverage
  • Offers live betting
  • Offers a dedicated mobile app
  • Supports Cash Out on some bets
  • Odds can be viewed in American, fractional, and decimal format
  • Cons

  • Limited live betting options
  • Available in just a few states
  • Does not offer live streaming


BetMGM As one of the top casino brands in the US, BetMGM has proven to be a trustworthy company that is now also offering online sports betting to US punters. The sportsbook can offer competitive odds on a variety of sporting events that are adored by many US fans. This is a great destination for a number of US-based bettors as BetMGM has been licensed to offer online sports betting in Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington D.C, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

While the design of the website is not something to write home about, it still allows easy navigation through the different sections of the sportsbook. BetMGM is also offering a native mobile app that can be installed on both iOS and Android devices. That way, US bettors will have the chance to place wagers on the go, even when they do not have access to a PC device.

Payments at BetMGM are extremely easy as the bookie supports several options suitable for deposits and withdrawals. In addition to being fast and secure, transactions at BetMGM will incur no surcharges, allowing US punters budget-friendly solutions for funding one’s betting experience.

  • Pros

  • Bookmaker licensed in a large number of states
  • Supports various payment solutions
  • Provides odds on numerous popular sports
  • Offers a dedicated mobile app
  • Punters can redeem various promotions
  • Cons

  • Phone support is not always available
  • Accounts may sometimes be temporarily on hold when punters request a withdrawal


BetRivers You will be able to enjoy a very exciting betting experience at BetRivers if you decide to join the bookie. To make sure that its patrons are never short of betting opportunities, the sportsbook is covering a range of sports that any US bettors would enjoy. Betting markets like totals, moneyline, and spread are among the options punters will be allowed to explore and bet on.

BetRivers is also offering live betting that so many punters enjoy and appreciate having the opportunity to place wagers as games are being played in real-time. To make the whole experience even more exciting, the bookmaker is also offering live streaming, enabling punters to watch major sporting events they have placed their bets on.

Handling one’s gaming experience is a piece of cake and the bookie allows its members to handle their deposits and withdrawals in a hassle-free way. BetRivers does allow its patrons to resort to deposit options like credit/debit cards, e-wallets, online banking, and various other fast and safe alternatives.

BetRivers is also optimized to run smoothly on almost any mobile device, enabling punters to make their bets even while being on the move. What is more, the sportsbook has a dedicated app that can be downloaded on smart devices, allowing an even smoother mobile betting experience.

  • Pros

  • Offers odds on various sports popular among US punters
  • Many sports offer in-play odds
  • Sportsbook offers live streaming for many major sporting events
  • Supports several easy-to-use payment options
  • Has a dedicated mobile app
  • Cons

  • Fewer available withdrawal options
  • Supports only American odds
  • Design of betting website seems a bit cluttered


Unibet Another great sportsbook destination for US fans of sporting events is Unibet. This is yet another brand that is well-known among European bettors, with Unibet also offering a top-notch experience to numerous bettors in the US. With licenses from the authorities in Indiana, New Jersey, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, Unibet is currently legally operating in just a few territories within the country. That said, it is planning to further expand its reach, offering sports betting to many other sports fans in the US.

The sportsbook covers a wide range of popular sports as well as several less conventional sports. The betting markets include the typical moneyline, spread, totals, and some more interesting betting types. Bettors will be able to place their stakes on both pre-match and in-play odds. Some odds may also allow punters to make use of a Cash Out feature, enabling punters to enjoy a portion of their profit before the bet is settled.

Unibet allows its members to resort to several payment solutions when they wish to fund their accounts. Credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and prepaid cards are just a few of the available options. As for withdrawals, there will also be several options to choose from and withdraw your winnings in a fast and hassle-free way.

  • Pros

  • Huge sports coverage
  • Offers in-play betting on some sports
  • Allows Cash Out on certain bets
  • Supports several easy-to-use payment solutions
  • Has a dedicated mobile app
  • Cons

  • Licensed in a small number of states
  • Not all deposit options are available for withdrawals
  • Does not offer live streaming
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