Tennis Betting Sites

Tennis Betting SitesTennis is one of the most popular competitive sports in the world and as such, attracts betting action from millions of punters from different countries. The game is played all around the world but is especially loved in countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, France, New Zealand, and the United States. A large number of tournaments are held throughout the year and many people gather together to watch prestigious competitions and associations like the ATP, Wimbledon, or the US Open to see who the next big champ will be.

The sport is popular among spectators and punters alike since it offers no shortage of excitement and betting opportunities. There is a wealth of bets one can place on this gripping racket sport, especially online, as all major web-based sportsbooks offer a variety of tennis markets for punters to choose from. Many online bookmakers would also provide bettors with the opportunity to place wagers on the go via intuitive mobile apps, allowing them to never miss out on the action.

Tennis markets are preferred by both recreational bettors and professional punters, but if you are a tennis betting rookie, it would be a good idea to first learn about how tennis betting sites work and what types of tennis bets you can find there. Gaining a better understanding of the bet types and tennis odds enables you to make the best wagering decisions and become a successful tennis bettor in the long run. You can start by reading this article which introduces novices to all they need to know about tennis betting sites, odds, and bet types.

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Features of Tennis Betting Sites

tennis betting sitesMany enthusiastic punters are accustomed to placing tennis bets with land-based bookies and often feel intimidated when transitioning to online sportsbooks offering markets on this sport. However, making this transition is well worth it since online sportsbooks are loaded with great features punters can benefit from.

Numerous Markets

markets First off, there is no shortage of tennis markets to choose from when you are betting online, with a comprehensive coverage of all prestigious competitions that run throughout the year, including major tournament series like the WTA, the ATP, Wimbledon, the ITF, the Australian and the US Open.

Superior Odds

Furthermore, online sportsbooks often offer much better odds for tennis events in comparison to their land-based counterparts – very important if one is looking to become a successful sports bettor. Also, tennis betting sites tend to accept much higher wagers than land-based bookmakers.

Live Betting and Live Streams

Betting Another feature that makes tennis betting sites so appealing is in-play betting, which is impossible to find at your local brick-and-mortar bookmaker. This enables punters to choose more favorable odds and place their bets while a given tennis match is still in progress. Naturally, one would make a better decision with their bets when the action on the court unfolds before their eyes.

Then again, there is the added benefit of watching a live video stream directly at the websites of online bookies. Some of the most reputable sportsbooks even allow punters to activate live match alerts and receive notifications for sets, games, and matches. Others offer you audio-streamed commentary on some of the in-play events or even podcasts that introduce you to the latest news about the sport. The bet slips are just as easy to fill online as those at land-based sports betting shops, with punters from different countries having the option to select from three odds formats – fractional, decimal, and American.


Bonuses You can get more value for your money when you are placing your tennis bets from the comfort of your home since online sportsbooks are in the habit of rewarding bettors with welcome deposit bonuses, free bets, rebates, and bonuses on accumulators. Special promotions are often running throughout the course of major tennis events.

Of course, one needs to deposit into their online sportsbook account if they are willing to partake in these promotions.

Online Banking Solutions

Online banking The diversity of secure payment methods is another thing tennis betting sites can brag about, with the option to deposit and withdraw via cards, digital wallets, online banking, prepaid solutions, bank transfers, and cryptocurrency. The websites of major sportsbooks are usually multi-lingual and offer a variety of common currencies as well as professional customer support at all times.

Tennis Odds Types

Understanding Tennis Betting OddsIt is of essential importance to understand how the odds of tennis bets work before you back your favorite player online. There are three ways to express tennis odds, decimal, fractional, and American.

In most general terms, tennis odds are meant to represent the payout the punter will receive for a winning bet. This would be the proper moment to clarify that sports betting is by no means an exact science but despite that, probability allows us to determine to what degree a specific event’s outcome is likely to occur. A good understanding of tennis odds allows us to determine whether a specific bet is worth investing money into.

Decimal Odds

decimal odds Decimal odds, also named European odds, are considered to be the easiest odds format to work with. Here is an example listing that uses this format:

Gabriel Decamps: 2.25
Nicolas Barrientos: 1.57

If we wish to bet €100 on Gabriel and know the payout, we need to multiply our bet by the odds:

€100 x 2.25 = €225 (€100 bet + €125 profit)

Fractional Odds

fractional odds This is another odds format that is not difficult to grasp for most punters. We will focus on the previous listing once again:

Gabriel Decamps: 5/4
Nicolas Barrientos: 4/7

Finding out your payout is a matter of multiplying the bet by the odds, and then adding back your stake:

€100 x (5/4) = €125 profit

€100 + €125 = €225 payout

American Odds

american odds American odds represent the relationship between a €100 bet and the underdog and favorite. We will use the previous listing as an example once more:

Gabriel Decamps: +125 (the underdog)
Nicolas Barrientos: -157 (the favorite)

Here, wagering €100 on the underdog and winning will leave us with €125 in profit. However, we will need to wager €157 on the favorite if we wish to win €100.

Calculating a Player’s Chances of Winning

Calculating For the sake of simplicity, we will use decimal odds throughout the following explanation. Let us suppose a bookmaker has assigned odds of 1.10 for Raphael Nadal winning an ATP Barcelona match against opponent Guillermo Garcia-Lopez who has odds of 26.00. Now, what does this mean? Since the purpose of odds is to show us the probability of a specific event happening, the odds here indicate what Nadal’s and Garcia-Lopez’s chances of winning the match are, at least according to our hypothetical bookmaker.

It should be noted that the smaller the odds offered on a given outcome are, the higher the chances of this particular outcome occurring, and vice versa. Using the above-listed odds, we can easily calculate the likelihood of any of the two players winning. All we have to do is divide the number 1 by the odds assigned to the specific tennis player like so 1/1.10 and so 1/26, after which we need to multiply the result by 100 to transform it into a percentage figure. From this, it follows that Nadal’s chances of prevailing over Lopez are particularly high at 90.90% whereas Lopez has only a 3.84% chance of winning the match.

Another question that arises at this point is which player would reward us with a better payout? This is again calculable with the help of the assigned odds. To reiterate, the payout these two tennis players can earn you can be just as easily determined by multiplying the stake by the assigned odds. Therefore, Nadal can earn you a €110 payout with a €100 bet, whereas the payout from Lopez (who is much less likely to win) would be far more impressive at €2,600.

Although there is usually no need for punters to calculate their profits from a specific bet when they are staking their money at tennis betting websites since the returns are automatically calculated when one fills in their bet slip, it is still important to know how everything works so that you can make an informed decision.

How to Start Betting on Tennis

If you are completely new to sports betting as a whole, the first and most crucial step you should make is to read up on the types of bets you can place. This is important, seeing as it would be difficult for you to immediately delve into sports betting even if you are already an avid tennis fan. You can find more information regarding tennis markets by continuing to read this article.

Once you feel more confident, the next step is to choose a bookmaker and create an account. Registration and verification can be done easily. You will simply need to provide all of the necessary information during registration, and then send scans of documents to the bookie in question so that they can confirm your identity. Although the process can vary a bit from sportsbook to sportsbook, all of them provide instructions, and you can also get in touch with a bookmaker’s customer support team for assistance if necessary.

Once you are officially a user of the bookie you were eyeing, it is time to deposit some funds into your account. You will need to navigate towards the “cashier” or “deposit” section of the website, which is very easy to find. Next, choose the sum you wish to deposit and pick a payment method. It is advised you limit yourself to a relatively small sum of money at first. Going all out as a beginner can result in hefty losses due to inexperience, and this can make you lose interest in the practice as a whole.

Now that you have successfully given yourself some funds to spend, it is time to pay a visit to the sports betting page of the website. Navigate towards the tennis matches, and pick the markets you wish to wager on. Pay close attention to the odds, since as previously established, they are what shows you whether a bet is worth placing or not.

Your bet will then be put into the bet slip, and if you are uncertain about the payout, the bet slip will calculate it for you automatically. Once you are happy with your bets, you can click “place bet” and that is pretty much it.

Tennis Bet Types

Types of Bets Offered at Tennis Betting SitesOne of the surest ways to become a successful tennis bettor is to first understand what the different bet types for this game are all about. This would enable you to determine how much value you can extract from a bet and evaluate whether or not it is worth placing. There are indeed some tennis bets that offer a good deal of thrills and excitement but are not worth it because one’s chances of winning with them are minuscule.

The sections below introduce novice tennis bettors to some of the most common types of wagers offered for this sport. Some are more advanced than others, but in all cases, they are worth learning about.

Outright Bets

tennis outright

To put it bluntly, when you are placing an outright bet, you are betting on the final outcome of an entire tennis competition, instead of betting on the result of a single tennis match.

Outright wagers attract a good deal of action from tennis bettors worldwide for the simple reason they are among the most straightforward bets one can make on this sport.

Many recreational punters prefer outright bets because the latter offer rather considerable payouts and respectively, higher odds. That being said, winning with outright wagers is far more difficult because the player you are backing needs to win all matches he or she participates in to collect the competition’s champion trophy.

Match Bets

tennis match bet

These are easily the most straightforward bets one can make on tennis as here the punter simply needs to back one of the two players participating in a match.

The bookmaker would offer you odds for both players, which balances out the market. An example will be a match between Juan Martin Del Potro and Damir Dzhumur where the two players are assigned odds of 5.45 and 1.15. Here, Del Potro is obviously a sure favorite, earning you £115 with a £100 bet for a total profit of £15.

One thing you need to consider when placing a match bet is how your bookmaker settles the wagers in cases when one of the two participating players withdraws due to injury or gets disqualified. Of course, the policies of each online sportsbook are different for such scenarios.

For example, if one player retires after the end of the first set, some bookmakers would declare his opponent a winner but if the withdrawal takes place before the first set is finished, all bets on this market will be voided. Because of this, it is very important to go through your online sportsbook’s terms before you back your favorite players with real money.

Correct Score Bets

tennis correct score

Correct score bets are just what they sound like as the punter is betting on the precise score they think a given tennis match would end with.

This type of tennis bet is often called a set bet, so do not be confused when you encounter it under this name. Punters who are more audacious would sometimes even try to predict the correct score of the first set of the match, which we must admit is a huge feat. There is nothing overly complex about these bets since the punter simply must select the score they believe will be correct, if they are content with the odds it offers.

As you can suppose an inexperienced punter should avoid correct score bets because these are extremely difficult to get right even by expert bettors. It makes sense the odds available for correct score predictions are rather juicy and one such winning bet can earn you a handsome payout.

Over and Under Score Bets

tennis over

This type of wager is also hugely popular among tennis mavens and has to do with guessing whether the sets or games played during a given match will be over or under a specific number.

To give you a better idea of what this means, let’s use a best-of-three sets tennis match between Milos Raonic and Grigor Dimitrov. In one such case, there are only two betting options, over 2.5 or under 2.5.

If the punter decides to bet on under 2.5, this means either Raonic or Dimitrov needs to win in straight sets of 2-0 for the wager to turn a profit. Here it is irrelevant whether it is Raonic or Dimitrov who emerges the winner. The only requirement is for the match to end in under 2 sets, or fewer, because it is impossible to win half a set. An over bet would be the opposite.

First Set Winner Bets

tennis first set

Some punters may be unwilling to place bets on the entire match, in which case betting on who you think will win the first set only is the perfect alternative.

Ask any tennis maven out there and they will confirm that sometimes clashes may take quite a long time before somebody wins, especially if two tennis players of equal capabilities are competing against each other.

This type of bet poses as a great option for bettors who prefer to back the underdogs. This might sound irrational but there is logic behind this approach since the underdogs would often start the match strongly and win the first few sets before the favorite picks up and establishes a solid lead.


tennis accumulator

Accumulators are a special type of bet which involves wagers on two or more selections but are all made on a single ticket.

Accumulators are extremely popular among punters and can be made on a number of different sports. Tennis is not an exception, either. Note that you can also encounter them as “parlays”, but both terms refer to the same thing. With tennis accumulators, the number of selections is usually limited to 12.

These pay off handsomely since the odds for all selections are multiplied, but there is a catch. The successful outcome with an accumulator depends on all of its selections winning. You may have won 9 out of 10 selections but your entire accumulator will be considered a loss. What happens if a player you have included in your accumulator withdraws before the match has reached its natural conclusion? There is no need to worry if this happens since you will not lose your entire wager. One of your selections would be deemed a push and the wager will be reduced to a straight bet.

Handicap Bets

tennis handicap

With handicaps, one of the two players participating in a match is given a lead over their opponent.

Handicaps are one of the more advanced types of wagers one can make in tennis and as such, are not recommended for sports betting novices. They can be placed on other sports matches as well, like football, where it is referred to as point spread betting.

Handicap is artificially done by the bookies as a means to attract more action and balance out the market. The underdog is given an artificial lead by having extra points added to their score whereas the favorite has points subtracted from their actual result. Here the number of games played throughout the match is of crucial importance. The final match result is irrelevant with handicap bets.

As usual, it would be best to demonstrate with an example. Let us suppose you are interested in betting on Djokovic against Nadal where you will have two options for a handicap. If you place a bet that Nadal will prevail with a handicap of -3.5, this means that he needs to win at least three more games than his Serbian opponent.

If the match ends with a score of 6-3 and 6-2 in favor of Nadal, this would mean the Spanish pro would have won a total of 12 games whereas Djokovic would have won only 5. When the handicap of -3.5 is applied to Nadal’s result, he still would prevail over the Serbian with a result of 8.5 to 5 and you will win your bet.

It is not difficult to see why these bets are confusing for beginners, but they are not that hard to master with a little bit of practice. Note that handicaps can be applied on the number of sets played and not only on the number of games in a set.


tennis special

These bets come with a bigger juice though and are often next to impossible to predict correctly, simply because they are way too exotic.

Specials, also known as proposition bets or props, rank as some of the most exciting wagers to place on tennis. These are usually offered when major competitions are under way. Note that specials are not related to predicting the final outcome of a tennis match or even the sets’ outcome. There is a wealth of options for bettors with these wagers.

There are many examples of specials. For instance, you can place a bet on whether or not there will be a tie-break in a given match. Another option is to bet on who you think would be eliminated in a given round or on the overall number of games played before the match is won. The possibilities are unlimited but do not forget that these bets do not offer a very good value.

Live Betting

tennis inplay bet

Inplay bets are accepted throughout the course of the game.

It is hardly surprising online sportsbooks are so popular among punters. After all, they offer them the unique opportunity to place bets on events that are currently in progress via their live betting service. As you can imagine, it is much easier to make an educated guess of what is likely to happen when watching the tennis match as it unfolds rather than placing bets before the event starts.

And another thing – live betting allows you to put your money on stake on almost anything. You can even bet on whether or not a player would register an ace during the respective match or on who would win the next point. The possibilities are practically endless.

Tennis Betting Tips

tennis bettingSome novices who are just delving into the world of sports betting wrongfully assume that being a keen tennis fan is sufficient to become a successful sports bettor. This could not be further from the truth, though. Turning a long-term profit from your sports bets on tennis requires a good amount of knowledge and practice. If you are new to tennis betting, take heed of the tips to follow.

Compare the Odds

Compare odds To begin with, you need to do your homework, compare the odds available for the tennis markets at several reputable online sportsbooks, and choose the website which offers you the best odds. This will help you collect more with your winning bets. It would be optimal for you to open accounts at several sportsbooks with great odds as this would increase your winning opportunities in the long run.

This is not to say you must bet on a gazillion websites, but three or four good ones will do. This would enable you to compare the odds for the same market and event and make the best decision. For example, you want to back Nadal in an upcoming Australia Open match and have accounts at three bookmakers, each one offering you different odds for this outcome – 1.83, 1.72, and 1.87. Why accept the lowest 1.72 odds when you can extract more value from the competition’s offer of the 1.87 odds?

Then again, you must never place a bet if it does not offer any value, even if you are dying to back your favorite player. Why waste money on a sure loser? That being said, some research would help you identify the bets that offer you the biggest value.

Begin With a Focused Approach

Begin with approach When you are a beginner, it would be best to start by first specialising in a certain area of expertise.

Choose the area that interests you the most regardless of whether this is the Grand Slam, the WTA, or the ATP. Start by mastering the most straightforward markets like match betting before you proceed to place more advanced wagers that are difficult to grasp. It would be unreasonable to start off with handicaps, would it not?

Do Not Neglect the Statistics

Statistics Also, you need to do your homework in the statistics department. Take advantage of the live streaming services at tennis betting sites and watch events from different competitions, even if you are not presently betting on them on the in-play markets. This enables you to get a proper understanding of different players’ styles, their recent performance, and the shape they are in. Always, consider the terrain matches are played on. Some players do better on a grass surface while others perform well on clay. Such factors can also influence the results.

Bankroll Management

Banking Betting on sports, especially on tennis, is impossible without proper bankroll management and nurturing the ability to identify value. Both things are easily achievable by keeping a record of all the bets you place. You can include valuable information for each wager, such as your stake size, where you have placed the bet, on what event, at what odds, and on which date. One such record would also provide a very good overview of how you are doing with your tennis bets and will serve as an indicator as to which bet types earn you the most consistent profit.

And remember, one cannot go wrong when they invest a sufficient amount of effort and passion into an endeavor, especially when this endeavor is sports betting.

How to Choose Tennis Betting Site

How to Choose Making the right choice when it comes to the bookmaker you will bet at is of utmost importance for any gambling aficionado, no matter how new they are to the practice. There are many things you should keep in mind when you start eyeing different bookies.


licenses First, check the bookie’s licenses. This is crucial, seeing as there are tons of sketchy websites out there and no punter would want to trust such establishments with their money.

Any reputable bookmaker will list their licenses where they can be easily found. Popular international licenses include ones issued by the Malta Gaming Authority, as well as licenses by the Gibraltar Gambling Commission. There is also the Curacao Gaming License, and although it is generally looked down upon by gambling enthusiasts, it is still better for a bookie to have such a license instead of not having one at all.

If you live in a jurisdiction where a bookmaker must obtain a local license in order to operate, make sure that they have obtained one. Such is the case for punters residing in the UK who need to check if the UK Gambling Commission has authorized a bookie’s operations within the country. Another example is Belgium, where a license by the country’s regulatory authority is mandatory.

Interface Design

Interface Design The website’s layout is also far more important than one might think initially. As a bettor, you must be able to place your wagers with ease, and you should be able to quickly navigate towards the sports and markets you wish to find. Placing bets should be easy in terms of the website’s software, and there should also be a well-placed and neatly designed bet slip to assist you in keeping track of your wagers. Confusing layouts that do not function well can really sour the wagering experience.

Mobile Compatibility

Mobile Furthermore, do not neglect to do the same for the website on mobile. It should be just as easy and convenient to use a smartphone application or mobile website for sports betting as it is on a computer. The mobile versions of the bookmaker should also not be inferior to the PC website, and the same features, payment solutions, customer support services, and markets must be present.

The Odds

Odds While you are judging the design, make sure to also pay close attention to the odds of a website and compare them to the odds of another. It is, naturally, better for you to wager on the superior odds since you will have the chance to win more money this way.

Payment Methods

Payment Last but not least, look up the website’s payment solutions. Modern bookies tend to offer a variety of banking solutions in order to please as many users as possible, and it is indeed crucial for you to be able to utilize your preferred deposit and withdrawal methods. Gambling enthusiasts who use cryptocurrency solutions should be especially careful since this payment solution is still not all that common among bookmakers currently.

Best Tennis Betting Sites

Betting Sites As previously established, there are many things you should take into consideration when it comes to the quality of a bookmaker. Making the choice might be a bit overwhelming at first, however, especially if someone is new to sports betting, which is why we have compiled a list of the ten best sportsbooks for wagering on tennis.

William Hill

William Hill Few bookmakers can boast the excellent reputation William Hill has managed to gain within its many years of operation. This bookmaker is as old as they get, its roots dating all the way back to the 1930s when William Hill, the website’s namesake, established a sports betting service.

Naturally, there was no internet betting available since the world wide web did not exist back then, and the business instead provided sports bets via post and telephone. Fast forward to modern days, William Hill quickly adapted to the changes that took the world by storm in the late 20th century, and the bookmaker is now one of the most prominent and respected online sportsbooks in the gambling sphere as a whole.

William Hill is known for offering some of the most competitive odds on the market, and while the layout can seem confusing at first, it is, in fact, organized quite well and makes for a great wagering experience.

As for the markets, tennis fans will be thrilled to learn that the sport receives the attention it deserves at William Hill. Tons of events such as the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon, the US Open and more receive top-notch coverage when it comes to in-play betting, live streams, and markets in general. Bet types like totals, set betting, first set scorecast, tie-break, and head-to-head are but a few options you can choose from at the website’s sportsbook.

  • Pros

  • Live betting
  • Bet insurance
  • Live streams
  • Good selection of languages
  • Licensed by reputable gaming boards such as the UKGC
  • Cons

  • No cryptocurrency
  • The interface looks overwhelming at first


Bet365 Bet365 has certainly made a name out of itself, seeing as few punters would be unfamiliar with this bookie nowadays. It offers one of the most extensive libraries of sports and markets out there, and tennis is among the sports that are treated quite well by the bookmaker. You will find markets like win bets, game score, game winner, total points, next to break serve, and more that are quite popular. As for leagues, events such as the Challenger Rio De Janeiro, UTA Pro Tennis Series Barcelona, WTA Limoges, ITF W13 Antalya are some of the ones you can come across at Bet365’s library.

In addition, we are also very pleased with the selection of payment solutions Bet365 tends to offer. Bettors who prefer traditional banking solutions like bank transfer, credit, and debit cards are always taken into account. Furthermore, privacy-conscious individuals can also make use of digital wallets like Neteller, PayPal, and Apple Pay to name a few. Pre-paid vouchers are also options and bettors will usually be able to go with Paysafecard.

If you ever run into any issues while using the website, Bet365 has got you covered. You can get in touch with a member of Bet365’s customer support team at any time since the live chat service is available around the clock seven days a week. You could also opt for sending an email, and if you are more old-school, you can also try traditional mailing services and contact Bet365 by post. Regardless, you can be certain that the website’s friendly and capable team will resolve your issues in a timely manner.

  • Pros

  • Live streaming is available
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Cashout
  • Great promotions
  • Dedicated iOS and Android apps
  • Cons

  • Cumbersome verification process
  • Some accounts get limited according to certain player reports


Betway Established in 2006, Betway is a sportsbook beloved to an impressive number of bettors and gambling enthusiasts who prefer tennis in particular, since the website boasts very impressive odds when it comes to tennis. Speaking of the odds, whether you prefer decimal, American or fractional odds, you will be able to choose the format you are most comfortable with at Betway.

As for Tennis events, you will have access to the WTA tours, ATP tours, the Davis Cup, the
Billie Jean King Cup, and more. In addition, an array of markets await. Match winner, set winner, and totals are a small selection of the bet types you can take advantage of at Betway’s library. If you fancy a change of pace, you could also try wagering on soccer or one of the other sports the website has to offer.

You can also be certain that your experience will be exactly the same regardless of which version of the sportsbook you wager at. The mobile solutions are useful and just as feature-rich as the desktop version of the website. As for the types of mobile solutions, bettors who prefer to download dedicated applications can do so either from the Google Play store if they use an Android device, or the App Store if they are an iPhone user. For those who do not wish to go through the hassle of installing an app, the mobile website is just as good of an option.

  • Pros

  • Great catalog of markets
  • Excellent mobile compatibility
  • Sufficient number of banking solutions
  • Live chat support
  • In-play
  • Cons

  • Some promotions are region-reliant
  • Verification can be troublesome
  • No Bitcoin, Litecoin, or other crypto solutions


Unibet Unibet is a reputable bookie that provides a rich in terms of market variety betting platform for tennis punters, and it also makes sure that the wagering experience in question proceeds safely.

The sportsbook strives to do what is best for its customers, which is evident by the fact that it has acquired licenses from the Malta Gaming Authority, as well as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. You can also be certain that all of your data, personal and financial information is safe and sound thanks to Unibet’s utilization of Secure Sockets Layer encryption that prevents your information from being accessible to third parties.

If you would like to take the security level a step further, you could opt for utilizing one of the privacy-focused banking solutions Unibet offers to its bettors. Skrill, PayPal, and Neteller are some of the most well-known and overall best e-wallet services out there, and they are available. As for other banking solutions, credit and debit cards can be chosen, as well as bank transfers.

The safety of vulnerable individuals is also of great importance to the bookmaker. You can find a lot of information regarding problem gambling and its treatment, and there are also links towards reputable organizations that assist bettors who suffer from this problem.

  • Pros

  • Excellent betting software
  • Licensed by reputable regulators
  • SSL encryption
  • Good bonuses
  • Live streams
  • Cons

  • No cryptocurrency payment options
  • Some customers are dissatisfied with the website’s support


MansionBet You would be hard-pressed to find a bookmaker as elegant as MansionBet when it comes to visual representation. The website’s layout is an absolute treat to the eyes, and it is just easy to use as it appears.

This design language is not present only on the desktop website, but it is also evident in MansionBet’s mobile solutions. They are excellent and very well adapted to work on mobile devices, with conveniently organized menus and a layout that scales well regardless of your smartphone’s screen. Additionally, bettors will be happy to learn that they have multiple choices when it comes to how they can use the website on mobile.

The website itself is one option, and a very good one at that. Additionally, you could instead download the app on your Android device, or on your iPhone. No matter which solution you go for, you can be certain that you will enjoy the same markets, promotions, banking solutions, and customer service available to desktop users.

Speaking of markets, tennis lovers are in for a treat. MansionBet covers an array of events that punters can wager on, which include but are not limited to WTA Limoges, the Australian Open, Wimbledon, Challenger Maia, the ITF, and the UTR Pro Series. As for bet types, accumulators, correct score bets, win bets, over/under bets are some of the markets available.

  • Pros

  • Excellent sportsbook in terms of variety
  • Compatible with mobile
  • Sufficient banking solutions
  • American, fractional and decimal odds
  • Competitive odds
  • Cons

  • Customer support is not available around the clock
  • The selection of banking solutions could be expanded
  • No cryptocurrency solutions


Betfair When it comes to licenses, we can see that Betfair is nothing if not thorough. The bookie is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, the Danish Gambling Authority, Italy’s Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli, and Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego which is the gaming authority of Spain.

Furthermore, Betfair does not fall behind when it comes to the coverage of Tennis events. The ITF, the UTR, and Maia challenger events are among what you can find on the website. As for bet types, set winner, correct score, handicap bets, total match games, and an even wider variety of markets await. Bettors who are fans of absolutely thrilling wagering experiences can take advantage of Betfair’s in-play section and bet on tennis matches as they are taking place, and you can make informed wagering decisions thanks to the website’s live stream feature.

Excellent market variety aside, Betfair treats its customers well in other ways too. Customer support is available 24/7 via live chat, and you can also try sending an email if you prefer this method. Help is certain to be swift either way. As for options that are not available around the clock but are still quite convenient, phoning Betfair’s customer support team is something you can do.

  • Pros

  • Competitive odds
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Live streams
  • Cash out
  • Betting exchange
  • Cons

  • Region-reliant bonuses
  • The layout of some web pages feels cluttered


888sport This bookmaker is without a doubt one of the best-looking sportsbooks out there. It is very well designed, with a sleek black and orange color palette that looks great. The attention to detail and quality does not end with 888sport’s design, however.

The sportsbook in and of itself is fantastic, with various sports like soccer, basketball, horse racing, and even eSports having a prominent presence within its catalog. Tennis has, naturally, not been neglected either, and is in fact a popular sport that pretty much constantly has in-play matches being covered at 888sport. Outrights, handicap bets, to-win bets, and more are some of the markets you could go for, and matches pertaining to the ITF and the UTR are among the events you can come across.

Last but certainly not least, we are happy to report that the bonuses at 888sport are certainly worth taking advantage of. The promotions for new players are quite lucrative, and even better, regular customers are treated well too with daily promotions featuring boosted odds or free bets.

Furthermore, these bonuses are available to all users of the bookmaker, which includes mobile players. Regardless of whether you use the Android or iOS application, or you instead just prefer to load the website on your mobile browser, bonuses, features, and pretty much everything is available to you, and you are in no way not disadvantaged for wagering on the go.

  • Pros

  • Excellent bonuses
  • Good number of payment methods
  • Fantastic sports betting software
  • Dedicated smartphone apps
  • Convenient layout
  • Cons

  • Limiting accounts is reported to happen
  • Withdrawals can be slow at times


Ladbrokes Ladbrokes is an experienced bookmaker of British origin, and it is hard to overlook this sportsbook given its vibrant appearance. The bookie is most famous for its presence within the horse racing industry, but it does focus on quite a variety of sports nowadays.

One such sport is tennis. The US Open, Wimbledon, the Australian Open, and the French Open enjoy extensive coverage within Ladbrokes’ catalog, and these events are not the only ones. Bettors who value market variety will be pleased to know that bet types the likes of set result, totals, and handicaps are some of the options you could go for. What is more, Ladbrokes boasts impressive odds.

If in-play catches your fancy, you will be glad to know that Ladbrokes features a robust live-streaming feature that further enhances the live betting experience and makes for very exciting wagering sessions.

Apart from being quite useful in terms of functionality, the website also passes with flying colors when it comes to security. SSL encryption keeps your data safe and sound, and the thorough verification process ensures that minors and individuals susceptible to problem gambling who have been excluded cannot access the website.

Additionally, the bookie is licensed by several trusted gaming boards such as the Government of Gibraltar, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, and the Belgian Gaming Commission.

  • Pros

  • Great customer support
  • Compatible with smartphones
  • Cash out
  • Live streams
  • Generous bonuses
  • Cons

  • Cluttered layout
  • Locating information regarding bonuses is unintuitive


BetVictor BetVictor is an oldie but a goodie for gambling enthusiasts. It was founded over ninety years ago in Britain by William Chandler, and the company remained under the care of William’s descendants until 2014 when Michael Tabor took over the company from the former chairman, Victor Chandler.

It should not come as a surprise that an establishment this old has managed to gain a substantial number of fans, especially within Britain, and it remains a popular option for many gambling enthusiasts to this day. This, of course, includes bettors who are fond of tennis, and the website is indeed a great bookie for placing wagers on tennis matches.

Indeed, the possibilities are quite numerous. Totals, set winner, game-winner, next game winner, and handicaps are among the bet variations punters have access to. As for events, the Australian Open, the UTR Pro Tennis Series, and the ATP Season Specials among others are covered quite substantially. All of your bets are organized and conveniently accessible thanks to the very well-made bet slip.

If you ever run into any problems during betting sessions or in general, BetVictor has plenty of channels through you which you can seek help. Most importantly, you will be able to contact support via live chat whenever you wish since the service is available around the clock. In a move that differentiates BetVictor from other bookies, help can also be sought via Facebook and Twitter for bettors more comfortable with using social media. Of course, customer support via email is also available.

  • Pros

  • Various odds formats
  • Numerous ways of contacting support
  • Excellent odds
  • Sufficient number of banking solutions
  • Convenient bet slip
  • Cons

  • Verification is frustrating for some users
  • The website does not accept US players


Betsson Betsson is a bookmaker of Swedish origin that certainly lives up to the expectations we have come to attach to products originating from the country. The website’s design is excellent, and it is exceptionally easy to navigate the menus and find what you are looking for.

Famous leagues such as the Australian Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open receive excellent coverage. Furthermore, tennis fans have many markets to pick from. You could go for outrights, totals, handicaps, set betting, and more. Additionally, if you ever decide to change things up, Betsson offers tons of other spots that can break up your routine. Among them are boxing, cricket, soccer, cycling, and this list is far from exhaustive.

Betsson is also committed to following safety regulations to the letter, specifically when it comes to the well-being of individuals vulnerable to problem gambling. This is why there are a number of features on the website that can help out people who might be susceptible to problem gambling. For example, players can literally limit the amount of money they can deposit and spend on a daily, weekly, and/or monthly basis. Additionally, punters can also request 24-hour long time-outs when they believe it is necessary, although as evident, this is far less severe than long-term self-exclusion. The option to self-exclude for a longer period of time is also available.

  • Pros

  • Licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority
  • Many banking solutions
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Dedicated mobile app
  • Great design
  • Cons

  • Not available in the UK
  • The odds for some events could be better
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