American Football (NFL) Betting Sites

American Football When it comes to sports, there is a popular misunderstanding about which sport is called football. Depending on the country where you live, it can mean a different sport. It is true that in both forms of football there are two teams that are using a certain type of ball to score points but ultimately this is the most similar the two types of football will get.

American football managed to gain a lot of popularity and even people who are not that passionate about the sport are showing great support for the teams that represent their state or hometown. Both in Canada and the United States, football has become an essential part of the sports culture of the countries.

Тhe National Football League (NFL) consists of 32 teams. It is one of the four major professional football leagues in North America and it represents the highest level in professional American football in the world. The teams in the NFL either belong to the American Football Conference or are a part of the National Football Conference.

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The annual championship of the National Football League, the Super Bowl, has a huge impact in the US. It gathers millions of fans who come together every year in order to watch the biggest American football event.

The popularity of the championship has made American football the favorite sport of Americans and as a tradition, there is a spectacular show every year – the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Due to the great popularity of both the championship and the show, it has become a great honor to be one of the stars who deliver it.

As the sport has such a huge fanbase it is no wonder that so many people in the United States and all over the world decide to place bets on the NFL. Thanks to online betting sites punters from various countries across the world have the opportunity to enter the NFL betting system and place various wagers that can bring them a rewarding outcome. American football is definitely the top sport for the majority of bettors and thanks to the annual Super Bowl its popularity among sports betting sites skyrockets to higher levels.

Features of NFL Betting Sites

Features of NFL Betting SitesWhen it comes to online sports betting, there are several reasons why a lot of punters have decided to switch to online sites instead of their local sportsbooks. As American football is the king of sports bets, it is no wonder that numerous online betting sites allow punters from all over the world to make NFL wagers and enjoy different betting options.

In-Play Betting

in-play bettingOne of the biggest and most obvious advantages of online sports betting is the opportunity to watch live streams of American football and make in-play bets. Thanks to the internet, we are all more interactive and we can multitask, so why not use this advantage while making sports bets? In-play wagers are exactly what you think. You are allowed to watch a game and make predictions while you are following the course of the gameplay.

While you are watching an NFL broadcast you can place a bet on updated moneylines, point spreads, and totals. However, just because you can, that does not mean that you should bet on each and every game. You can take a look at some statistics which can help you predict whether the next play will be a run, a catch, or maybe an incomplete pass.

Plenty of Compatible Devices

nfl betting tipsThe reason why online sports betting has become extremely popular among punters is the fact that they can place bets even when they are on the go. Since more and more NFL betting sites can run smoothly on smartphones and tablets, bettors can place in-play wagers even when they are out and about. This convenience is what makes online sportsbooks so popular and a preferred betting option for punters across the world.

What is even better is the fact that bettors do not have to install any additional software on their mobile devices since most online sportsbooks can be accessed via the browser on your smartphone or tablet. Thanks to the compatibility of various virtual sports betting sites, punters have the chance to make NFL bets anywhere and anytime.

Market Diversity and a User-Friendly Betting Platform

Diversity Good NFL betting sites will certainly provide bettors with an abundance of bet markets to choose from. Whether it is moneyline bets, point spreads, or totals, punters should have enough options at their disposal to be able to explore the markets they are interested in. The betting platform is also an equally important factor to take into consideration since its user-friendliness definitely improves the overall experience of the customers.


Statistics Many renowned NFL betting sites offer tools such as statistics, live scores, blog sections, and useful information on a variety of sports betting markets. All of these are powerful instruments that bettors can use to their advantage. Getting to know the specifics of NFL betting requires a lot of background information, which would lead to making informed choices and eventually to more lucrative betting outcomes.

Live Streaming

perlays Taking into consideration the ever-increasing popularity of in-play markets, the leading brands within the sports betting industry offer live streaming services on a variety of sports, including American football. Those brands that are able to deliver an exceptional quality of live streaming services on a possibly larger scope of sports are definitely worth your attention.

NFL Odds Types

NFL Odds American football is definitely an extremely popular sport and it is no surprise that punters from all around the world are interested in the game. This is why bettors should be aware of the specifics of NFL betting and get familiar with the various odds formats that can be used for American football.

The three main formats that can be used for NFL betting are the American, the Decimal, and the Fractional odds formats. Bettors should be aware of the fact that notwithstanding the format they choose to stick to, the potential winnings are the same, it is just the representation that is different. The three odds formats are merely three different ways to express one and the same thing.

American Odds

american odds It really does not matter which country you are betting from. At some point in your NFL sports wagering, you are bound to use the American odds format.

As its name suggests, the American odds format is used by default in the United States. This format utilizes a positive sign for the underdog and a negative sign for the team expected to win. The first one indicates how much punters may profit if they wager €100, while the second shows the amount they are supposed to stake to win a €100 profit.

Let’s say punters are betting on the favorite – the Dallas Cowboys at -150 odds, so they need to wager €150 in order to win a potential profit of €100. The other way around, if bettors have chosen to back up the underdog – the Kansas City Chiefs at +250 odds, they should stake €100 and will enjoy a profit of €250, in case the underdog wins the game.

Odds conversion is offered by many sportsbooks, however, bettors may be interested in the formulas for converting positive and negative American odds to Decimal odds. If the American odds are positive, the formula would be (American odds/100)+1=Decimal odds, whereas if the American odds are negative the formula would look like this 1-(100/-American odds)=Decimal odds.

Decimal Odds

decimal odds The next type of NFL odds format is the Decimal one. It is commonly used by European or Australian punters which is why you can also find that some bettors refer to it as European odds or Continental odds. These odds show numbers separated by a decimal dot and they look something like this: Raiders 2.43.

Bettors can take the decimal number and multiply it by the amount of their wager. This way they will get how much they will win in return for their wager.

Fractional Odds

fractional odds The third type of NFL odds format is the Fractional one. It is impossible to forget about it as it is most commonly used by British and Irish punters. If you have ever heard someone talking about ‘two to eight’ or ‘five to two’ odds, then you are familiar with the Fractional type of NFL odds.

Fractional odds are most commonly used in futures bets. Before the beginning of every season, the sportsbook will make a list with the Super Bowl odds for all 32 NFL teams and the favorites will be placed around 5/1. Let us assume that you make a wager of €100 on the favorite and they win the Super Bowl, this will bring you a profit of €500.

How to Start Betting on American Football

bet on american footballBetting on American football online is definitely just as easy as doing it at your local bookie. First and foremost, you must pick a website where you can place your NFL wagers. There are several factors that can show you that the betting website you have chosen is reliable. Transparency, security, and good odds are just a few of them.

Once you have found the perfect web-based sportsbook, you have to create an account that will allow you to place bets on your favorite American football teams. Opening a new account usually happens extremely easy and punters should have no troubles creating their profile in just a few minutes.

The next step is to load funds into your betting balance. This can be done by accessing the Cashier section and picking the payment method which is the most convenient for you. Topping up your online sportsbook account will allow you to place bets on your favorite NFL team.

Once you have made a deposit to the online sportsbook of your choice, you must pick an NFL betting market. Punters can base their choice of a betting market on their predictions for the game. It is possible that there could be various markets for a single sports event. The more options bettors have, the better are the chance of making a winning wager.

After choosing a betting market, you will be presented with an electronic betting slip. This is where your possible winnings will be calculated automatically.

After you are done with placing your bets, all that is left is to enjoy the game on your desktop device, smartphone, or tablet. If you choose to place in-play bets, you can have even more fun.

Let’s assume that bettors have had a successful NFL betting session and have reached the point where they would like to withdraw their accumulated winnings. Inexperienced punters may not be familiar with the fact that prior to the withdrawing of their funds, they are supposed to undergo some verification procedures performed by the sportsbook. They may be rather lengthy, especially the first time punters are withdrawing funds from their sports betting account.

Licensed sports betting operators are required by law to request proof of identity of their customers. Verification procedures performed by sportsbook operators are a means of protecting bettors’ identity and finances while adhering to the strict guidelines of gambling regulators within the area of operation. While some sportsbook operators use automatic e-verification software, others request from their customers to manually upload copies of ID cards.

There are a couple of reasons why sportsbooks need to check bettors’ identities before transferring their payouts. First and foremost, all licensed operators need to verify that their customers comply with the requirement for the minimum legal age to gamble within the territory they operate in. In some countries, it is 18 years, while in others it is 21 years. Verification procedures are also conducted to prevent identity thefts over the Internet, and they are also an integral component of the Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering policies.

American Football Bet Type

NFL Types of Bets
If you are anticipating your online betting adventures, you must first get familiar with the types of bets that you can place on American football. here are plenty of options that can bring punters different payouts and when it comes to NFL betting, the more variants you have, the better the chances of a winning wager are. Straight bets are present in NFL sports betting but there are so many other possibilities that can make the outcome of your wagers very rewarding.


nfl moneyline

This straight bet is extremely easy to understand and you are basically placing your bets in favour of one of the two teams.

Moneyline bets are the most uncomplicated wagers in sports betting, having potentially two to three possible outcomes. When there are two teams listed on a moneyline bet, punters opt for one team to win. Depending on the sports market, there could be three outcomes on a moneyline bet – win, loss, or draw/no bet.

A long time ago, the only wagering options that punters had while betting on an NFL game were fixed-odds bets. Nowadays, although there are more alternatives, bettors can still make those wagers. The moneyline is one way to express fixed odds and it is definitely one of the most preferred options by American punters. If you like to place your money on underdogs then you will definitely enjoy moneyline betting.

Betting on the favorite requires staking a greater amount of money, whereas wagering on the underdog is riskier but pays out at a higher rate.

Point Spread

nfl spread All sports betting fans should thank Charles McNeil for this type of bet. He decided that he would not follow the complicated fixed-odds system when he opened his own sportsbook business. Instead, he chose to use ‘wholesale odds’ which are known today as ‘point spread’.

This type of bet is very simple, especially for punters who are trying to figure out how much they would earn for their bet. There is no need for math equations as you are typically following the system of betting €11 to win €10.

Let us assume that we have the following situation. Team A +2, Team B -2 and you have to choose the team to place your bet on. If you choose Team B and they win with more than 2 points, you will get paid. If you pick Team A and they do not lose by two points or more, you will also get paid. If Team B happens to win by exactly two points, this will result in a push and you will receive your bet back without winning or losing any money.


nfl totals

Punters bet either ‘under’ or ‘over’ a certain amount of points.

The total is the third most common way to bet on NFL games. The casual NFL bettors, however, do not even call this bet ‘totals’ but they use the terms ‘over’ and ‘under’. For example, if you have Team A and Team B and the number 36, this is the ‘over’ or ‘under’ for how many points the two teams will score altogether. If the final score of the game is exactly 36 points, this will result in a push and you will receive your bet back and you will neither win nor lose any money.

Halftimes and Quarters

HalftimesHalftimes and quarters bets have basically the same characteristics as spread and total bets, but they are adapted to a smaller portion of the game, for example the fist half, the second half, or a quarter. These types of bets are worthy of attention, as sometimes punters may have a better grasp or prediction for the first quarter than for the whole game.


nfl futuresIf you are betting on NFL games, why not try and make your predictions about the biggest event in professional American football? Every year the Super Bowl is the football match that everyone is anticipating and you can bet on which team will win. This may bring you a major payout and you do not have to wait until the event is near, since the NFL Super Bowl market is open throughout the year.

Not every football team has the same chance to win the Super Bowl. The top contenders usually have odds 10/1 or even better. These odds may help you to make your choice and decide on which team will be the big winner of the upcoming Super Bowl game.

Even Bets

betsA lot of NFL punters prefer to make money by making even bets. In those cases, you can place a bet on whichever of the two sides you prefer and have the same odds either way. When punters bet on the point spread this is an even bet. They will double their money if they win. When you are betting on totals or props where both the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ options are with the same odd, this is also a case of an even bet.

Player Props

playersWith players becoming the real stars of each game it is no surprise that there are NFL bets that allow punters to make wagers on certain players who may achieve a milestone or perform a special feat during a specific game or during the entire season. These are the so-called player propositions bets or player props for short.

The system of the props bets resembles a lot betting on spreads and totals. For example, there are props with Yes/No options and there are odds listed for each of the outcomes. Punters can decide which turn of events is more likely to happen and place their bet on either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.There are also props bets which are listed a lot like the totals. You can guess either ‘over’ or ‘under’ a certain number. For example, you can try and guess whether the number of touchdown passes that the starting quarterback will throw will be higher or lower than a certain number.

Team Props

teamsOf course, it is impossible that the NFL betting options will stop here. There is not a single day in the year where punters do not have an event to bet on. This is why there are also team props bets which allow bettors to make wagers on different types of events. You can even see bets about which team will win the coin toss in a game. During the offseason period, punters can make team props bets such as how many wins in total will all NFL teams land during the next season.


Parlays With NFL Parlays punters are placing multiple bets together for the purpose of an increased payout. In case all of the selections are correct, bettors will gain greater profits. However, if just one of the selections is not a precise one, the entire parlay loses.

In-Play Betting

in-play bettingWith technology’s advancement and the latest trends in online betting in general, NFL fans can also enjoy in-play wagering, known also as live betting. This feature allows punters to watch a live broadcast of an NFL game and make bets on updated moneylines, totals, and point spreads. Live betting markets are dynamic and they change based on what is happening in the game. In-play NFL markets create a lot of opportunities for punters to enjoy rewarding betting sessions.

NFL Betting Tips

NFL Betting TipsThere is definitely a huge difference between fans of American football and NFL bettors. You might know everything about professional football and still have no clue how to choose a betting market or decide on the type of bet you should place. This is why there are a few betting tips that you may follow. If you give yourself time to get accustomed to the different odds and betting systems, you might soon become a great NFL punter.

Get to Know the Teams You Are Betting on

Teams If you are making player props or team props bets, you should research the team you are betting on, as well as its players. Check the offense and defense of the team, as well as statistics that show the quarterback’s strong points. Reading injury reports is also a part of a thorough research and it can tell you a lot about the future of a team. Even though you might have a favorite team it is good to take a proper look at the numbers and odds which will help you determine your wager move. Doing your homework might actually bring you a good payout on your next online NFL bet.

The quarterback is considered the most important player in the team, but this does not mean that you should concentrate solely on him. Some quarterbacks may have a strong aerial play but this may not work well with a team that has a powerful defense. This is why you should follow the quarterback but not to the extent of ignoring the role of the rest of the players.

Study the Circumstances

Study Study the environment of the game. Things like the stadium where the game is being played, what time of the year it is, as well as the advantage of home teams, are all circumstances that may affect the outcome of the game. If you are well aware of such factors you can make an NFL bet that will bring you the best outcome.

Bet the NFL Markets You Know

Betting As already discussed in the previous section of this article, bettors should be familiar with the types of NFL bet markets they can choose. The most popular American football markets include point spreads, moneylines, and point totals. Most sharp bettors focus on one or two betting markets thus specializing in the area and ensuring more lucrative NFL betting sessions.

Manage Your Bankroll Wisely

Bankroll Successful bettors are able not only to identify value in NFL games but also to apply a sound money management policy. If you are betting at random, just following your instincts, that will surely not lead to long-term success. Your bankroll should not exceed what you cannot afford to lose, so sticking to a set budget is a good idea.

Keep a Record of Your Bets

keep a record Once you start betting on NFL, it is a good idea to keep a record of your betting, including details such as the bet markets, stakes, odds, profits, and losses. By keeping track of your betting history, you will be capable of realizing where your strong and weak points are and polishing your future betting sessions.

Have Fun

Have fun Last but not least, do not forget to have fun. If your favorite team is playing, do not forget to support them. Do not concentrate solely on the money. Although it is always great to sweep generous sums of money, sports are overall a source of entertainment rather than a way to make a fortune.

How to Choose an American Football Betting Site

Choosing Once bettors have embarked on the task of finding a good American football betting site, they start wondering which are the most important factors to look for. An American football betting site of great value is not the product of one or two elements but a comprehensive combination of several features that make up for a great betting environment.

Odds and Market Diversity

Odds Starting with competitive odds, we cannot stress enough the importance of extracting the best possible value out of betting on American football. This can be achieved by a careful investigation of the available options or by going through our list of top 10 American football betting operators. Market diversity is yet another important factor. Although bettors may not always use all of the betting options at hand, it is nice to know they are available, should they feel the urge to explore new horizons.

Quick Withdrawals

quick NFL betting fans should be able to withdraw their winnings in reasonable enough timeframes in the manner that they have selected out of the possible options. They should be aware of the compulsory verification procedures that sportsbooks are legally supposed to perform. Furthermore, some sportsbooks impose withdrawal fees on some of the methods, so this should also be checked in advance by bettors.

Plenty of Banking Methods

Banking Yet another factor in respect of banking is the variety of deposit and withdrawal methods. Bettors usually stick to one deposit and one withdrawal method, but what works for one may not be the optimal choice for another. Furthermore, you may want to change your banking method in the future and it is always nice to know that there are options to choose from.

Enticing Bonuses

Bonus To succeed in gaining newly-registered customers and retaining the existing ones, NFL betting sites come up with a range of bonuses and promotional offers that aim to keep the punters’ interest high. They offer welcome bonuses that match a percentage of the punter’s initial deposit up to a certain amount of money, or prompt bettors to opt for free bets.

There are also various parlay insurances on offer, whose conditions vary across different operators. Bettors should pay attention to the terms and conditions related to the promotional offer they select, as failing to adhere to them renders the accumulated winnings ineligible to claim.

User-friendly Interface and System Compatibility

User-friendly NFL betting sites with a slick user interface allow bettors to easily navigate through the menu and find the games and bet markets they are interested in. The intuitive interface of a betting platform also allows for the quick and hassle-free location of special features, promotional offers, and even the customer service department.

In view of mobile betting’s growing popularity, system cross-compatibility is also of great importance. Whether it is in-browser betting or there are dedicated apps, contemporary bookmakers strive to provide mobile betting that is on par with the desktop version of their platform.

Responsive Customer Support Teams

support Another positive thing about making online sports wagers is the fact that you can always rely on the Customer Support agents of the bookie. Whether you are having an issue with your wagers or you want a piece of additional information about the NFL online betting, you can always contact the representatives of the virtual sportsbook of your choice. Having a dedicated Customer Support team at your disposal any day of the week is a great advantage of online NFL betting sites.

Best American Football Betting Sites

Betting Sites Fans of sports betting are welcome to go through our compilation of the top 10 American football betting sites offering competitive odds, lucrative bonuses, a variety of bet markets, and more. We provide a short summary of their most important features and thus we facilitate the process of picking the best-suited operator for the individual needs and requirements of bettors.


BetMGM BetMGM is first on our list of leading NFL sites. With numerous betting opportunities and a variety of sports events, the brand would be an excellent choice.

NFL betting fans have Pro and College American football games to bet on and a great variety of markets to choose from – point spread, moneyline, total points, first half, second half, quarters, team to score first, highest scoring quarter, and touchdown scores, among others. All of the available bet markets are explained in detail in the Rules section of the sportsbook.

Apart from football, BetMGM offers betting action in other prominent leagues such as the MLB, MMA, NHL, etc.

The Cash-out feature is among BetMGM’s special attributes, allowing bettors an early Cash-out for some of the straight and parlay bets on offer. By selecting the feature, punters will be able to cash out and safeguard part of their potential winnings ahead of the game’s final outcome or minimize losses.

The Edit My Bet is yet another special feature offered by BetMGM, providing punters with more control over their bets by enabling them to amend straight or parlay bets that have the cash-out feature available. They are able to make modifications of their bets by adding, swapping, and removing selections as well as by increasing their stakes in order to boost their winnings.


Caesars Caesars is another prominent brand that sets the standards when it comes to betting on American football. With a great abundance of pre-match markets, the operator has truly taken sports betting to the next level.

The sports catalog of Caesars is located on the left of the homepage, and the most sought-after sports, including American football, are located at the top, followed by the full list of markets. Caesars uses the three main odds formats – the American, the Decimal, and the Fractional, allowing customers to easily convert between them. As for the value of the odds offered, it is particularly impressive, especially for soccer, horse racing, and American football. Enhanced odds promotions both for newly-registered and old customers of the brand are often on offer.

In-play betting on a range of sports is also available, as well as the early Cash-out feature for selected in-play markets. Caesars also offers a graphical representation of live games, as well as a useful statistics section. Punters who have placed bets in the last 24 hours may take advantage of the live streaming service as well.

Caesars offers its customers a number of different banking solutions, including credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal.


DraftKings DraftKings is undeniably another brand that is worth checking as long as you are looking for a prime online location to place bets on American football. The sportsbook features competitive bonuses, a range of banking solutions, as well as fast payouts.

The web design of the desktop platform is refreshingly innovative and intuitive, and the betting app also features incredible user-friendliness, available for both iOS and Android devices.

The NFL is right at the top of the popular sports championships, followed by sought-after soccer leagues such as the Spanish La Liga and Copa del Rey, the English Championship and Premier League, the Italian Serie A, and others. The rest of the available disciplines are right below the popular championships. Bettors may choose among a variety of sports such as baseball, basketball, golf, MMA, snooker, table tennis, and others.

The bottom section of the website contains links for betting rules on American football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and golf. The betting guide on American football includes tips on how to bet on NFL and College football, along with helpful information for novice bettors on how to read odds, as well as the basic types of bet markets. A Cash-out option for certain in-play markets is in place.


FanDuel With lucrative promos, a wide range of sports to bet on, and a superb user interface, FanDuel is definitely a go-to bookmaker. Along with an incredible sportsbook, FanDuel offers extensive betting opportunities in its racebook. It is one of the best places on the Internet for betting on daily fantasy sports.

As for American football, bettors may find unlimited opportunities to wager on their favorite sport. The Super Bowl offers betting odds for outcomes for the current or future season of the NFL. The weekly specials include markets such as most points scored, least points scored, highest scoring game, and other weekly prop bets. Popular Team Prop Bets offered by FanDuel include best regular season record, worst regular season record, team goes undefeated, team goes 0-17, last undefeated team, and last winless team.

As far as the banking department is concerned, there are a number of legitimate payment alternatives to choose from, including several credit and debit card options, prepaid cards, digital wallets, and online bank transfers, among others.

Along with an extensive FAQ section, the operator also provides several customer support channels, including a live chat service, an e-mail, and an option to submit a support ticket.


Betway Betway is yet another trusted and reputable company on our list, offering fast payouts, versatile payment options, and a variety of bet markets to choose from. Apart from betting action on American football, the bookmaker also offers bets on soccer, horse racing, tennis, golf, basketball, and ice hockey, to name a few. ESports have a separate section in the sportsbook, along with eSports-specific promotions.

In-play markets are available, as well as live streaming for registered users. A Cash-out feature for single and multiple live betting is also in place. Bettors may either choose to cash out the whole bet or just a portion of it.

Betway offers a multi-tier VIP program, where punters are moving up the hierarchy based on the number of accumulated points.

The user interface of both the desktop platform and the mobile app is easy to navigate and neatly arranged, making the betting process hassle-free even for inexperienced bettors.

The most popular banking options offered by the brand include debit and credit cards, bank transfers, Neteller, Skrill, EcoCard, and InstaDebit, among others.

In terms of online security, Betway strives to upgrade its product constantly and steer away from potential problems by utilizing the latest technology innovations.


PointsBet PointsBet is relatively new but is one of the most dynamically developing bookmakers, offering an inventive way to bet – PointsBetting. This method is unique for the brand and although it is related to rather high-risk bets, it ensures equally high potential payouts. It is available for selected fixed-odds markets.

The sportsbook offers a staggering amount of bet markets in major leagues such as the NFL, the NHL, the MLB, and the NBA that could be hardly surpassed by its competitors. Punters are incessantly incentivized to use the services of the sportsbook with various promotions and odds boosters.

Apart from the unique betting options and the variety of bet markets, the bookmaker offers good pricing and a superb betting app. Live betting is another option that is on offer. The early Cash-out feature is available for markets that are marked accordingly. It allows bettors to collect their winnings before the game is over, or respectively minimize their losses.

Among the possible banking options, bettors may choose between VISA and Mastercard payments, PayPal, bank transfers, eCheck, and others. The operator utilizes 128-bit SSL technology to ensure the protection of the personal and financial data of its users. The customer support reps could be reached via live chat and e-mail.

Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget Golden Nugget is yet another famed sportsbook operator, providing extensive options for American football betting. Punters enjoy an impressive variety of bet markets both for the Professional NFL and the college NCAAF leagues. The bookmaker also delivers unlimited possibilities for bets on other sports such as baseball, basketball, tennis, and soccer, among others.

Golden Nugget went online in 2019 and ever since it is dedicated to delivering exceptional service by adhering to the highest standards within the industry. The brand offers a long list of enticing bonuses, including a sign-up bonus, special parlay boosts, and a rewards program.

The live betting schedule is brimming with different opportunities for bets on football, soccer, ice hockey, golf, and basketball. Extensive statistics are available for most of the sought-after sports events, providing detailed results for the teams.

The mobile app for iOS devices can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store, while a link for the Android app is present on the Golden Nugget website. In-browser mobile betting is yet another option.

The helpdesk can be reached via live chat, e-mail, or phone 24/7. Overall, the service delivered by Golden Nugget is highly rated by its customers.


BetRivers BetRivers launched its operations in 2020 and ever since it has become one of the biggest and best brands, offering unlimited opportunities to NFL sports betting fans both on desktop and mobile devices.

There is a section on the left-hand side of the desktop platform that contains the most popular betting markets. Aside from the NFL and the top-level college league NCAA, other featured championships are the NBA, NCAA Basketball, and UFC. Tennis, boxing, and golf are also present there.

BetRivers features a busy in-play betting calendar. As for the live streaming service, it is at the disposal of registered users. Right next to the live events that are available, the bookmaker has included relevant statistics and tips that help punters make informed choices in relation to the betting market they are exploring.

Some of the main betting options for punters include event outcome bets, total goals, handicap bets, individual player bets, both teams to score, etc.

The blue-and-white color scheme accentuated by orange elements is appealing and unobtrusive. The website is easy to navigate and user-intuitive due to its well-structured and uncluttered design.

The customer support section can be easily located at the top section of the platform.


TwinSpires TwinSpires is a premier sports betting brand and a leading racebook, offering competitive odds on a wide range of sporting events. The registration process is quick and easy, and customer verification takes place before bettors start wagering.

Punters are sure to handle easily their wagers while on the go thanks to the mobile app developed by the operator. Users of iOS and Android handheld devices can equally take advantage of it.

Football takes the leading place among the most popular sports to bet on TwinSpires, closely followed by basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, golf, and several other disciplines. Futures betting options for the winner of the Super Bowl are also on offer. Aside from action on major US championships such as the NFL, the NBA, and the NHL, the sportsbook also offers broad coverage of soccer markets in Europe, North America, and South America.

The sportsbook also takes betting action on less popular sports such as beach volleyball, cycling, darts, snooker, and table tennis. Due to the comprehensive sports catalog, every bettor is sure to find their favorite betting market on TwinSpires.

The betting platform is overflowing with intriguing betting features such as live betting, Cash-out, a daily list of odds boosts, handy statistics tool, and more.


Unibet Established back in 1997, Unibet has asserted its reputation and trustworthiness over the long years of its existence. As a global leader in the sports betting industry, Unibet offers outstanding opportunities for punters around the globe – from American football and soccer to more specialized sports.

The sportsbook provides special sections for statistics and live scores, as well as an in-depth betting guide. The dedicated news section allows bettors to stay tuned to the leading sports events in the world. The odds could be expressed in the three main formats – the American, the Decimal, and the Fractional. The convenient bet slip is located on the right-hand side of the betting platform, ensuring a handy overview of the outstanding bets plus a quick calculation of the potential winnings.

American football is among the sports that find an excellent representation at Unibet, along with basketball, soccer, ice hockey, and baseball.

In terms of mobile compatibility, apart from the in-browser betting option, users of iOS-powered devices can download the app from Apple’s App Store, while those relying on Android phones and tablets can download the app from the website.

The live streaming service delivered by Unibet is of exceptional quality, but it is available only to users with funded accounts.

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