Cricket Betting Sites

Cricket Betting SitesCricket has definitely earned its spot of a top sport with a huge popularity around the world. It originated in England and throughout the years it has gained a massive following in countries such as Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka.

The game is played by two teams with 11 players and it is a bat-vs-ball match. Each phase of play is called an innings and one of the most amazing things about the game is that it can last for days. Test matches usually take up to 5 days but there have been shorter formats that were introduced and they have gained quite the popularity among cricket fans.

The aforementioned Test Cricket includes matches which are played on an international level. These contests usually take up to 5 days and they have unlimited overs. Each of the two teams batts for two innings of unlimited length. Test matches are considered the ultimate event for cricket players. However, since the matches are way too long, shorter versions like One-day matches and Twenty20 have started to gain a lot of popularity.

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Although baseball is the choice for a summer game in countries like the US and Canada, cricket is the sport to enjoy in the summer days in many other countries across the world. There are roughly around 120 million cricket players worldwide which make cricket one of the top sports when it comes to participation numbers. This is why it is no surprise that cricket has become one of the favourite sports to bet on.

The fact that cricket matches take a long time and the game can take a different turn depending on which team plays first, intrigues punters all over the world. This is why cricket has become one of the most popular sports to bet on. As modern times came, many bettors decided to switch to virtual sportsbooks. This introduced more advanced betting options which allow punters to make in-play bets while they are watching a match online.

Betting online has become extremely popular as it provides bettors with different options. They can choose from various betting markets and enjoy sports betting even in the comfort of their own homes. Virtual bookies definitely know how to attract their clients and they offer various advanced bets which can ultimately lead to more generous payouts. This explains why so many punters have decided to start betting online.

How to Choose a Cricket Betting Site

How to Choose a Cricket Betting SiteIf you have decided to switch to online betting but you are not sure how to start your adventure, you can rest assured that there is nothing that complicated about betting at a virtual sportsbook. If you are a fan of cricket, you will be happy to find that online bookies offer plenty of wagering options, some of which are very advanced and can bring players generous payouts.

The first step of betting online is to choose a cricket betting site. In order to choose a good interactive sportsbook, you should take several things into consideration. When it comes to making a choice, go with a trustworthy betting site. Those provide punters with a secure and fair betting environment and can always keep your money and personal information safe.

Another important thing is the device compatibility with the website. If you can bet on cricket even when you are on the go, this will be extremely convenient. Make sure that the betting site can load on the browser of your smartphone or tablet and you will be ready to upgrade your cricket betting to the next level.

Since sports betting is a way for punters to win some money while enjoying their favourite game, it is important to pick an online bookie that will offer various safe and convenient payment options. This way you can be sure that your funds are always protected and you will have no issue to cash out your winnings.

Another great opportunity that some of the best virtual sportsbooks allow punters is Live betting. This feature makes the entire experience more exciting and gives bettors the chance to adjust their bets in accordance with the way the match is evolving. Live betting is a wonderful option which is worth looking for when choosing a cricket betting site.

Punters should also base their choice on the odds that the virtual sportsbook is offering. Make sure to bet at websites with competitive bets. This will help you enjoy every match and even win impressive payouts in the process of online betting.

How to Bet on Cricket Online

How to Bet on Cricket OnlineWhen it comes to the process of online cricket betting, you can be sure that there is nothing that different compared to any regular bookie. As mentioned earlier, the first step is choosing carefully the betting site where you would like to enjoy your cricket adventures.

Once you have chosen the cricket betting site, you must open an account. This should not take a lot of time, as the majority of sports betting websites ask for some simple information such as names, address, phone number and e-mail. Within a few minutes, you should be ready with your profile and you will be able to enjoy the fun the sportsbook has in store for bettors.

Since you need funds to make sports bets, you should head to the Cashier Page of the betting website and pick a deposit method which is convenient for you. Since this depends a lot on the country you reside in, you might have a limited amount of options. In most cases, punters have the opportunity to fund their betting balance via credit or debit cards, e-wallets and prepaid cards.

You have created an account and uploaded funds to your betting balance. This means that you will be ready to start making real-money bets on cricket matches. After making a deposit, you will have to choose a betting market. This is the place where you will see the different odds for various matches that are currently played. Thanks to the odds that are listed, punters can calculate how much they will be paid if they place a winning bet. Once you have made your mind on the bet you would like to make, click on it and fill in the amount you would like to wager. After confirming your bet, all it is left is to enjoy the match and follow the outcome of it.

Types of Cricket Bets

Types of Cricket BetsPunters who decide to bet on cricket online should first get familiar with the wagering options they will be presented. Virtual sportsbooks are becoming more and more popular among bettors as they provide all the classic cricket bets as well as plenty of advanced options which can make the outcome of their wagering very fruitful.

Match Betting

cricket match bet

This is the simplest betting system that cricket punters can use. Here you must place your bet on one of the teams that are playing the game.

If you have picked the winning team, you will be paid out. Although there are not that many rules when it comes to match bettings, punters should be aware of several specifics of this type of wager. Some bookies will pay out only if a certain number of overs have been reached. Your bet may also be void if the match ends with a tie. Punters should be well aware of those possibilities before they make a match bet.

Series Winner

cricket series bet

It is a common thing for some cricket teams to have a series of matches between each other, which includes the Ashes series.

These consist of 5 test matches played between England and Australia and punters have the opportunity to choose a winner of the series of matches. This betting option is extremely simple and there is nothing way too complicated about calculating the payout for your wager.

Outright Winner

cricket outright bet

Yet another pretty simple betting system is the one where punters try to predict the winner of a tournament.

Taking into account the fact that there are quite a few teams that participate in tournaments, the choice of punters might become more difficult to be done. After all, the series winner is a bet where you can choose only between two team which makes the choice easier. However, when there are more teams, this means that the odds will be higher. This way if you guess the right winner, you will be able to enjoy a pretty good payout.

Tied Match

cricket tied match

As the name of the betting options suggests, here, punters predict that a match might end in a draw.

This type of bet is often offered during test matches since during this variant of the game draws occur more often.

Top Batsman

cricket top batsman

Although there are plenty of team bets that can be placed on cricket, punters can also choose to wager on specific players.

The top batsman bet allows bettors to pick a player that they think would score the most runs during an innings, a match or series. Since picking a single player might be more difficult and trickier, the odds here are higher which means that if you guess right, you will be able to enjoy a more rewarding outcome. It is definitely a very exciting cricket betting option and punters may win a lot by betting on their favourite players.

Top Bowler

cricket top bowler

Punters must pick a player that they believe will take the most wickets in the course of an innings, a match or even a series of matches.

Just as the case with the batsman, here the bets are concentrated on the players of a team. The top bowler wagering option has also higher odds which can reward bettors with better payouts.

Batsman Contest

Batsman ContestThere is also another type of bet called batsman contest which allows you to place a wager on a player of the team. These types of bets usually include two batsmen, either one from each respective team or two from the same team. There are several categories where punters should predict which batsman will prevail and win over the other one. These categories include who will score the most runs and who will strike the most sixes.

In-Play and Live Betting

In-Play and Live BettingUsually, punters must place their bets before the beginning of a game. However, with the rise of online sportsbooks, now bettors have the opportunity to watch the cricket matches online and make bets as the game develops. Cricket is definitely a good sport for in-play wagering as matches usually take up at least 4 hours and the test matches are played for up to 5 days. This definitely gives punters the chance to follow the game up close and decide on the bets they might make.

There are plenty of things that may change during the course of the game and this can affect the betting market in a huge way. This is why live betting allows punters to make wagers that will bring them a better payout. Thanks to this special betting option any change in the course of the game can actually be in favour of the bettors as they can make better wagering decisions.

Runs from Next Delivery

Runs from Next DeliverySome in-play sportsbooks will allow bettors some advanced betting features. Punters who bet online can also enjoy the opportunity to make a ball-by-ball bet during a match. This means that they will bet on the number of runs that will be scored by the specific delivery. This can be very helpful if bettors start noticing changes in the course of the cricket game. If you notice that the match is changing its dynamics and things are working in favour of the batting or the bowling team, you can make this type of in-play bet.

Batsman Runs

Batsman RunsHere punters have the choice of ‘over’ or ‘under’. This advanced wagering option allows you to pick whether the batsman will score ‘over’ or ‘under’ a specific run score. This bet is placed just before the batsman makes his/her first delivery and it cannot be changed in any way after that.

Method of Dismissal

Method of DismissalAnother advanced in-play wager is the method of dismissal. It will allow punters to choose the way the next wicket will fall during a match. The batsman can be caught out, bowled out, given leg before wicket, run out or stumped. As you can see there are quite a few methods of dismissal to choose from but you can definitely try your luck and place your bets.

Handicap Betting

Handicap BettingIn order to make the cricket betting more interesting, online bookmakers use the handicap betting method. This is used in cases where one of the two teams is clearly dominating the match or the two teams are obviously mismatched from the beginning of the game.  

Just like the handicap used in other sports, the cricket handicap betting is pretty straightforward but it does differ in a way from the method that punters are used to seeing with other sports. Since in other games the two teams share the same chance to score from the beginning, the handicap bet can be applied before the beginning of the game. However, with cricket either the team that is batting first can win by a certain number of runs or the team which is batting second can win by the number of wickets they take. This is why it makes a huge difference which team bats first.

The team which is leading the game is given a handicap by the bookmaker which must be overcome in order for the bet to be a winning one. This way punters may enjoy a generous outcome while betting on an extremely thrilling match of cricket.

Factors That May Affect Cricket Bets

Factors That May Affect Cricket BetsIf you are interested in making online cricket bets, you must take into consideration quite a few factors that may affect the outcome of each innings, match or even series. Even if you are a true cricket fan and you know everything about this sport, this still does not mean that you will be able to make a winning bet. Before placing a bet, make sure that you are well aware of a few things.

The weather is definitely a factor that affects many sports but it most certainly influences cricket matches. While bad weather may disturb the game of soccer or golf, when it is heavily raining, cricket matches are simply not played.

It is a common thing that there might be weather-affected matches and bettors should often make sure that they have checked all the possibilities that may occur during the day the game is being played. This way they will lessen the chance of being unpleasantly surprised.

If you think about it, the bowlers will be hindered if they play after a heavy rain and the spinners, in particular, will have a hard time to grip and spin the wet ball. In some countries, dew is also a big issue that often disturbs the cricket matches. This is why it is always good to be aware of the weather in the country where the matches are being played.

The coin toss is also another factor that plays a very important role in cricket. While in other sports it simply decides on the side of the field in which the game will start, in cricket, it can determine which team will have a better chance of winning the entire match. This is why the handicap bet is a wonderful wagering option that online bettors may enjoy. It gives the team that has a higher chance of winning a handicap which must be overcome. This way punters who placed their bets on the handicapped team will be winning.

Another aspect of cricket which can affect the betting choice of punters is the team news. Since teams are announced after the coin toss, bettors have about 30 minutes to react to the team news and make their bets. In cricket, it is not that obvious which teams will be playing. For example, in Twenty20 there are large squads and many franchise leagues with overseas players. Only a certain number of these overseas players can be included in a team.

Last but not least, is the advantage of the home team. It is more than obvious that the team which is playing on a home field will have a better knowledge and understanding of the conditions that may affect the match. It has been proven times and times again that the home field advantage exists and home teams have the upper hand when it comes to details such as the expected play of the pitch or the possibility of having boundaries that are shorter than others.

There are also plenty of predictions posted before each match but it is your choice whether you should trust those cricket betting hints or follow your own instinct. Since in our modern time everything can be found online, you can use social media to follow some cricket tipsters. Some ex-cricket players have social media accounts where they post their predictions about current matches. If you do decide to follow some cricket tipsters, why not picking experts who have been playing the sport for quite some time and have some interesting insight on cricket matches.

Online sportsbooks offer various betting options. If you want to improve your chances of winning, you must pick the betting line with the best value. The usual strategy for most cricket bettors is to place single bets due to the nature of the game and the long duration of the matches. However, often punters realise that double, treble or sometimes even an accumulator bet will be more profitable for the day they are betting. This is what punters often refer to as a Value Bet and it can be determined by the betting lines that each bettor makes on his/her own.

These are just a few factors that may affect the betting choices of punters. If you want to make better predictions and place more advantageous bets, you should study well the environment of every match.

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